TO HELL!Mature

Burning heat. The sun was so hard that one could actually feel it hitting the head. Not the perfect time to go for a road trip with destination unknown. But Anuj was already out, the black Safari rolling at around sixty kmph. He had a vague idea that he was going towards Chandigarh and then maybe to Shimla. But right now, he was in the middle of no where. He had no idea how long he had been driving, but looking at the sun, he could have guessed that it was nearly noon.

The road was not too wide, it was dusty and with small mud houses on either side. He was pretty sure now that he was going the wrong way. But that was only a small part of his mind thinking, the rest of him just wanted to drive on, not think for a second, because thinking was painful, just drive on.

Now there were trees on both sides of the road, some sort of mini forests, and the traffic was becoming less frequent. The road was not bad either, the safari was now doing a ninety kmph. Anuj's hands were sweaty on the wheel despite the air conditioning , his back was aching, and he could hear his stomach rumbling in small groans. He pressed harder on the accelerator and crossed the hundred mark.

" You need to stop!, Stop! or you will kill yourself"


The End

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