New Beginnings

After parting with the sweet Ellen at her apartment door, I headed straight for the elevator bank at the end of the hall. A rather large smile began to spread right across my face and a small giggle rising in my throat as I turned to the wide door labelled STAIRS, pushed the door open, and began my decent to the ground floor. Oh how I fear elevators. By the time I reached the main entrance, the sun was already fairly high in the clear, serine, blue sky that lay, blanketing the city that lay before it. Pushing the door open and stepping outside, a thick cloud of air hit me, causing any loose part of my clothing to snap back, like a sheet flapping in the wind. Feeling the warmth of the day touching my skin, greeting me, wrapping around my body and welcoming me into The World Outside The Door. The sweet, faint smell of pollution that permanently hangs in the air, creating a smoggy cloud that coats the city and all the populous within it. The vague, bitter taste of carbon dioxide something distinctly pungent hanging in the air. The kind of description you would normally associate with a rubbish tip or landfill site.

I set off down the crowded street in pursuit of finding a certain location. Around here you are unable to get any further than two metres before you come into contact with another person, all walking along in various stages of speed, heath, and age. Looking around at all the people I pass on the street, I begin to wonder what they are doing. Why they are out and about today. What are their plans? Are they heading to work? Are they on their way to a coffee date? Perhaps they are out exploring the city. It’s saddening the number of people who do not actually take to time to notice other people, too wrapped up in their own little worlds to consider anyone else around them. The human species is considered the second most intelligent species on the planet, but in actual fact, we really aren’t that advanced. If you look around in the animal kingdom, you see all kinds of species acting like one family. To them it does not matter if you were born into their lives, they take you in anyway. Love is shown in many ways, in everyday to them. But if you look around at the human race, there is discrimination everywhere. People refuse to help their next door neighbour let alone the poor man on the street. Do you really consider the human species as being that intelligent?


Reaching the end of the street and entering town square, all you can see surrounding you is large electronic billboards clinging to the sides of buildings, traffic racing around in every direction, people covering the heavily littered sidewalks like sardines in a can. Picking a place, stepping out, and merging in with the many men and women who are already within the wave of moving pedestrians, I submit myself to the same movement. Expertly manuvering myself out of the human sea as I reach the large double doors that stand within the long row of stores, buildings, businesses and complexes as I have done many times before. I take a moment to simply stand there and admire the great effort that has gone into carving the intricate detailing onto the large wooden, arched doors. But my admiring is short lifted when I am being herded inside the building that lay behind the ancient doors by a bunch of teenage girls and boys in tights. Once inside and my eyes have had a chance to adjust to the light differentiation, the main foyer of the building is even more spectacular than the large doors that hide it. The whole room appears to be made entirely of marble, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. A grand staircase constructed of deep green and white marble, the same colour scheme as the floor, lay on the opposite side of the room to the front doors the immense curving ceiling appears to be three stories high. At a closer look one can see that there is small, exquisite detailing to it. Delicate angels, clouds, harps and other heavenly beings are painted onto the surface. Fine lines within the paintings reveal their true age. The whole place looked like something out of a dream. Suddenly reality comes flooding back to me when I hear a soft voice asking me if she could be any assistance to me. My sight snapping immediately to the source of the heavenly voice I see a tall woman dressed head to toe in long black material, a set of large, dark eyes looking at me from behind a pair if half-moon glasses perched on the end of her delicate nose. The slight raise of her eyebrows towards me finally kicks me back into the world where I must use words.

“I hope so ma’am.” I answer her. My voice far smaller than I had intended.

“Well, what is it my dear?” The sweet, middle aged woman questions.

Slowly but surely I report my answer, “I am looking for a position at this school.”

The End

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