Chapter 1.3

I wasn't ready to go in. I knew that, too. I had never prepared for it, though I'm not sure if this was something you could prepare for. And so the question stood, how does one prepare for this? I had no prior knowledge of what I would behold inside my labyrinth, or what would become of me. I knew there was a way out of the labyrinth – I was given the mercy of knowing that – but that didn't take away from the fact that I may not find the way out.

The girl's grip on my hand began to release as she now trusted that I would not run away. Tears of terror stung my eyes, my sight frantically taking in everything around me. Such a bland sight to be my last, but it must suffice.

I managed to take two whole steps in those last five seconds. It was progress in comparison to the lack of movement I had accomplished earlier. There was a light breeze that beckoned me to turn back, but my eyes were transfixed on the gate and the gate alone. I took my time to remember how to walk properly. One foot placed carefully in front of the other, I inched my way to the entrance.

I reached out a shaky hand, letting my fingertips graze the rusted railings of the gate. An impulsive shiver went down my spine. Nothing happened to the gate at first. Temptation was growing as the urge to push the gate became unbearable. My hand flattened against the surface of the gate and with one forceful motion, it opened.

The calming presence of the girl had vanished like a cold wind. I had the gnawing suspicion that I was alone in facing my labyrinth. The unforgiving abyss that lied in front of me was somehow enticing. I found my feet moving involuntarily towards it. I grabbed the edges of stones, desperate to defy the motions of my own body. My attempts proved useless, however, when I had progressed enough for the gate to close its doors. The force that was keeping me moving along vanished and I fell to my knees. Using all my force, I threw myself against the doors, flailing my arms. I felt the sting of my arms hitting metal, but the pain was distant and unimportant. The only thing of importance to me was to escape.

And there was a way out of the labyrinth...but this wasn't it.

The End

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