Chapter 1.1

No matter what the obstacles are, no matter how many hindrances you face, one thing remains true. There is a way out of the labyrinth.

"Please?" the pouted lip and the high pitched voice was hard to turn down, but it was something that had to be done.


"No. It's getting late...and you should go home," I reasoned, reminding myself to smile.


"But you need to see this!" the girl pleaded. She only lived a few houses away from me, but the last thing I wanted was for her parents to be upset with me. I shook my head, trying to be unfazed by her convincing outwardly appearance. She sighed, seemingly accepting defeat, to my relief. In the corner of my eye, I picked up a smile that I had mistaken to be accepting. No, it wasn't friendly at all. It was actually rather devious.

Before I could think twice about what was happened, she grabbed on to my wrist and took off. She bolted out of my yard, dragging me behind her. She giggled and squealed with excitement that was almost too innocent to discourage. Which lead me to wonder just what was it that she wanted to show me? Perhaps it was something that little girls liked? What did little girls like? But why would it be so far away from her own home? 

"Where are you going?" I called. She didn't respond. She was only focused on taking me their, and at a surprisingly fast speed. I never did understand how such a tiny person could carry so much energy. Not only was I nearly an adult, I was nearly breathless. "Can...we...stop now?" I asked in between breaths.

"Almost there," she managed to say. Her voice held such determination, I was impressed. We wound our way down streets I didn't even recognize. In the back of my mind, I became paranoid about my way home, my eyes desperately searching for familiar landmarks. I wasn't sure if we were lost at this point. The only thing I was sure of was that there was still a huge grin planted on the girl's face. 

The End

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