It lands on Patrick and I grab its hairy back and throw it against the wall near the door. It stands on its hind legs and stares at us through bloody red eyes. The vision of a fallen Patrick and a snarling me appears grisly in the two wide eyes and it bares its sharp, dripping teeth at us.

The noise escaping its throat is sharp and annoying and I wish for nothing more than to shut it up. It is hairy and it has a slight stench that would have affected any human who had to rely on breathing.

"What are you and what do you want?" I hear Patrick shout as he quickly returns to his feet and regains his position in front of me.

The thing snarls and before my idea of it being unable to speak is confirmed, a sour voices breaks through the shrieking, "Dirty, bloodsucking demons!"

Patrick hisses loudly at the creature and repeats his question.

"I was sent to assassinate you; to devour you!" It answers, "I am Lem, a creature beyond your wildest imaginations!"

"Who sent you?" Patrick asks, his stance still menacing.

Lem snorts, his teeth still dripping. "I have been sworn to secrecy, any word such as the commander's name escapes my mouth and I will fall dead."

"How can you be sure that you would die?"

"I am a creation, they hold my life in their hands; my sole purpose is to serve them."

I feel pity for Lem. "That's horrible." I begin to say through my fangs, but stop short when he hisses at me.

"I don't need some disgusting dead bloodsucker's pity!"

"Watch what you say, respect her!" Patrick shouts in a voice louder than I would have imagined coming from him.

I can see the muscles in the back of Lem's legs beginning to quiver as I realize that he is going to attack again. "I will succeed in my duty!"

Sure enough he jumps again and strikes at Patrick, who awaits the attack and grabs Lem by the throat. The creature struggles in his grasp and Patrick questions it once more, "What are you?"

Lem is gasping for air now and he gives Patrick a demonic smile as it answers, "The next generation of hit man used to kill the likes of you. We are a combination of demon and animal. You can kill me," he gives one last attempt at struggling before concluding, "but you will never be free of our kind now that we know where you are." Lem becomes silent and unmoving and Patrick throws his body onto the floor.

"He is right, we are found." Patrick says quietly, his fangs once again hidden.

Mine too return to their rightful place and I put a soothing hand on his tense back, "What do we do now?"

"We need to leave this place; we need to know where to go next."

Suddenly I remember something that I had been told days before by the old vampire who could not step in the sun. "England."

"What?" Patrick asks, confused.

"Where do the vampires who were made in England immigrate to?"

He is silent and I can hear his mind thinking through several possibilities. New York City. He answers me suddenly.

"I guess we know where to go after all." I say, a smile oddly finds its way onto my face.

He looks down at Lem's body; it is all ready beginning to disintegrate on the floor of my old apartment.

"There will be more of these disturbing creatures." He simply states.

"I know, and we will be ready for them."

"You do also know that Lucas is most likely behind all of this right?" He pulls the question out of thin air, which has a smaller effect on me than he expected.

"Most likely." I answer.

He looks back at me and smiles, rather sadly, I note. "You won't feel last minute pity or misery for him?"

His question pulls at my heart strings, if it were still beating it would be hurting. "Never." He stares at me for another moment. "Never question me on such a topic. You know my love belongs with you."

He nods in understanding and grabs my hand. We are out of the building in record time as we forget our rule of appearing humane.

We stop near the outskirts of the city and he tells me to be patient and wait a minute for him. I do and am grateful when he returns with a sleeping man in his arms.

"Drink." Patrick simply states.

I stare down at the somber man who has obviously not been dealt the best cards in life and look back up at Patrick.

"He is best to be put to rest than to be forced to live such a life."

I force myself to accept his reasoning and rapidly bend over the sleeping stranger. His neck smells musky and has as much attraction to me as any woman would find to a man showered in expensive cologne. My fangs come out with a life of their own and I bite down.

At first the man begins to tremble, unable to comprehend what is happening, but then he becomes still and sounds of pleasure escape his mouth. He enjoys my feeding.

Never have I ever found a prey that enjoys having their life being sucked out from them, but vampires have a certain form of allure that allows the victim to feel comfortable until their last drops escape them.

When I am done I let go of the body. I stare up and am surprised to see that Patrick too had been drinking. "We need the energy, who knows when we'll be able to feed again." He states casually.

We leave the poor dead man by the train tracks where Patrick had found him, propped up on his back so no one would get curious. The journey towards New York City begins for us the instant we leave Toronto, running with the wind nearly carrying us as we go. 


The End

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