Surprise At Home


Yes my mind is connected once more with my lost lover. But there are still many different questions that need answering, there are still people I wish to find and destroy.

This is going to be an intriguing search.

After remembering my past I also remembered what I can do. How powerful Patrick really is. He had been born back in the 1700's and he was the only one made; his mother was brutally killed after the discovery of her love with the undead. He had grown to the ripe age of twenty-nine before his growth stopped, forever remaining at that age and appearance for all of eternity. He had taught himself many things that other species of vampires would never have dreamed of. He had searched for another of his kind to no avail. As hard as he looked, he could never find someone to satisfy his need for love until he found me.

I had been a ten year-old crying girl covered in dirt and blood near a car that sat burning by her parent's lifeless bodies. My mother had been begging, I could remember, for him not to hurt me. Nonetheless, it had not been him who had caused such misdeeds and she had died shortly after, hand still outstretched, reaching for some invisible, unattainable hold of safety.

He had nurtured me to health; had cured my loneliness. I was only a child, yet even I knew what form love could come in and mine came in a form of a lonely vampire. The story of being adopted had been put in my brain by one of my kidnappers. I guess they never thought that our kind had such a strong bond between us that though all memories were erased I could still remember. My heart still ached; my life was forever empty without him. I would soon die.

Now the depression makes sense, it had not been my job, but what I longed for; what had been taken from me.

We are traveling now, running quickly and effortlessly, down a field of long grasses and lilies that speckle the bright lime-green foliage. I am nearly as fast as Patrick and I feel the power of the surrounding winds as I take on the appearance of almost floating through the air at an unrecognizable speed.

We had spoken during the early morning of the actions that we were going to take and our plans had first lead us to downtown Toronto where everything had begun. We would move on from there to wherever this mystery took us next.

The city is starting to materialize before us and Patrick stops short, I quickly stop behind him.      

We must be careful; they will be searching for us now. He warns me without even looking in my direction.

I know, I answer, but it doesn't mean that we can act abnormal. We need to keep our appearance as humane as possible.

He nods and we run the rest of the way until humans enter our line of sight. No more running for us.

We'll search your apartment first, the one they made you believe that you inhabited.

I understand and I walk steadily in the correct direction, Patrick following closely behind me. I feel pricks of jealousy as other women that pass stare admiringly up at him.

Don't be bothered, none are as beautiful as you.

I ignore his gentle admiration and continue staring at the women who openly ogle Patrick. Within thirty minutes we are at my apartment building. It is the same as I had left it, still boring and discrete.

My keys had been lost in the events of the previous night so our strength comes in handy in concerns with access. I use some of my other worldly strength and gently rip the door off of its hinges; the building management will just have to deal with it.

"So how many humans know of us?" I ask, though I remember the most vital pieces of information I can’t escape my curiosity.

"Not many; the ones who encounter us usually do not survive." He shrugs as he looks through the pile of clothes at the bottom of my closet.

"Lucas told me some story about being able to survive only on wine and meat."

"That is what his species eats and survives on."

"Oh..." I answer, pausing for a moment, "Is that why I am so hungry?"

I can feel him smiling without needing to look his way. "Yes. I will find you food once we leave this place."

I feel content with this piece of news and continue my search for any clues as to who has caused so much havoc in our once peaceful lives.

"If I weren't so rare and so hunted, you would never have gotten into this mess in the first place." He quietly comments.

"Yet if you would have been any different perhaps we would have never met; never loved the way we do." I reply, knowing that my casual response hit the right spot and once again I could feel him smiling.

I hear him pushing things aside in my drawers and sudden silence makes me turn with haste. "What's wrong?"

"Someone has been here recently."

"How? We would have smelled their scent here wouldn't we?" I ask, puzzled.

"Yes, but they were good at covering it... I had no idea..."

"What did you find?"

"It's not what I found; it's what I didn't find."

I move towards him and look down at the drawer full of crumpled up clothing, one particular brown undershirt is being crushed in his powerful hand. "What is it?"

"When you were sleeping the night that you began to understand that something was not right with Lucas I dropped in."

"How could I not hear you?"

He looks embarrassed then. "You may not remember, but I am very different. I move too swiftly for other vampires to hear my approach. You were not fully aware of who you truly were to hear me just yet."

Comprehension dawns and I motion for him to continue.

"I left a necklace I had given to you when I had first turned you. It had been left on the counter of the kitchen in the apartment we once shared. I thought that maybe it would help you remember if you found it, but it is gone. Someone took it."

As I start to understand his meaning I am startled by a shrieking sound. I am barely able to hear anything else as Patrick quickly steps in front of me and hisses with his fangs completely out. My fangs find their way out as well as I hiss over Patrick's shoulder.

A weird creature of sorts stands in the doorway, shrieking for all that it is worth and it looks horrid as it jumps up to attack us.


The End

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