Until The Last Drop Shall Fall From These Veins, I Will Forever Love Thee The Same


He watches me quietly, trying not to appear too curious. He is hundreds of years older than I, yet he holds such childlike admiration.

After escaping our attackers—my abductors—Patrick and I managed to find quiet safety in an abandoned building off of the highway. The night gives me shivers and I realize that it is because of the creepy feel of such solitude instead of any cold that I may be feeling; after all, I am a dead immortal.

I am hungry, more intensely hungry than I have ever been before and I know that Patrick can sense it. I ignore his questioning glance at me over the fire that we have begun in the center of the room (our lungs will feel no pain from the smoke) and I search within my mind for explanations.

"You won't find any." he says simply.

"For God's sake, stop doing that!"

He smiles at me, amused.

"I'm glad that you find this so fascinating, but it gets tiring and it's kind of creepy to have someone in my head all the time." I retort.

He winces and I notice a slight shift in his hands as they are clutching onto each other, holding back annoyance. "You used to like it when we exchanged mental ideas that no one else could hear." I look away, unable to believe his words. "You simply had no problem with Lucas reading your private thoughts, at least, for the limited time that he was offered before your heart began to know the truth."

I am still looking away stubbornly and I hear him as he quickly, much like the smooth breeze of a hot summer's night, moves to sit beside me on the opposite side of the fire. "Have you ever wondered why you have the same resemblance to yourself as when you were eighteen?"

My mind flickers back to the times when I had always needed my identification for buying alcohol or for going into clubs. I remember overhearing my co-workers questioning my young appearance despite my age. He chuckles and I betray myself as I chance a look at him.

Patrick's eyes are warm and delicate as he takes in my confused face and I feel overwhelmed. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Come on Carol Ann, you know what I mean. You want to know why you are so young in appearance? The simple answer is: I turned you when you were eighteen." Though my normal reaction would be to slap him for any past indiscretions I simply sit, mute and frozen as I dare him to continue. "Before this whole event of your memory loss occurred, we had been together for nearly five years, let alone the years prior to you becoming a vampire where I took care of you due to your parents’ demise. One night I awoke and you were simply gone. I searched everywhere, but to no avail. You had disappeared. For years I searched and I could find nothing.

"Then, several days ago I heard a small thread of your thoughts. As slight as it was, it was sufficient and I found you... but in the arms of Lucas. You were nearly dead from no exposure to me and your heart unbeknownst to you, begged for me. That is something your abductors had not prepared for.

"Not being near your lover, your maker; a vampire such as I, when you are a vampire is well near suicide. You become weak and almost mortal where the simplest of things, much like jumping from a building, can be fatal. The slight bite from Lucas awakened you once more. I know that as stubborn as you are, you are beginning to remember or else you would not be able to hear my thoughts as I am able to hear yours."

"We're lovers?" This is all that I can say without bursting into tears.

"Yes my sweet Carol Ann."

"And I was taken from you when we were together?"


"You are that vampire, the rare one; the only of your kin?"

"No, now you are of the same kin; you and I."

"No one else is like us?"


I take a minute to let all this information seep in. "You are Patrick Leer."

His face becomes enthusiastic as it stares at me and a question makes it way out of my mouth without much thought. "Why are you so happy?"

"Because," he begins, "I never told you my last name."

I sit stunned as I realize what I have said; what I have done.

"Do you remember?" he asks out of sheer curiosity, "Do you remember our cold solemn nights, when the city as a whole would sleep in their own mindless slumber and we would watch over their lights as they slowly turned off, one by one? Do you remember the love I shared with you, the death, no, murder of your parents and the solitude from the pain that I promised you as you grew?"

" 'Until the last drop shall fall from these veins, I will forever love thee the same.' " I say, almost chanting as the quote slithers into my thoughts.

His face had never appeared to me as happy as it now does, "My sweet Carol Ann, those are the words you spoke before I turned you!"

I stared at this marvelous creature and I touched his face, "Patrick; I knew something was missing."

We made love then in the cold, quiet building off of the highway, the fire still burning brightly before us. Every touch I could remember, every kiss brought forth another memory.

Now we lay on the hard floor staring at each other, I can see curiosity in Patrick's eyes. "What now?" he asks taking my hand and kissing it. His form beside me is hard, cold, and protective—he won't let me be taken this time. "What should we do about this predicament?”

"I want to see who took me." I say simply, without much thought. "I want to kill whoever killed my parents and whoever stole me from you. I want to destroy whoever erased you from my mind and heart. I want to make them pay."

He smirks then, this is a vampire who has known only an existence as a vampire; no humanity had ever touched him, only my hands had ever given him any warmness. "It will be dangerous."

"I will get my revenge."

"As will I, alongside you my love." He says kissing me on the neck, starting the process once more.


The End

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