Vamps Have Weaknesses Too



It doesn't occur to me in the least that I am in a strictly deadly situation, even for an immortal vampire like myself.

From what I have read in passing glances on the computer when I was younger, vampires do not always live forever. They have their weaknesses, their ends; their vices. Much like a drug that is satisfying for an addict who is unwilling to see the dangers of such illicit chemicals; a human with tainted, or poisoned blood, could cause the unwise demise of a vampire. A wooden stake, silver, and garlic do help in decreasing the strength of an undead too. But the human community usually ignores the one largest danger to a vampire's life.

Another vampire.

The smallest vamp can be the strongest depending on its age. So maybe this is why I can't move my arms while a fifteen year-old scrawny boy is holding me down.

"Stop moving so much Carol Ann." I hear Lucas's voice from somewhere in the darkness of wherever we are.

I hiss at him; all my anger seething through my retracted fangs: wow, never thought I could do that!

"You have no right to call me by that name!" I spit venom at his outline that I finally make out several feet from me, he is sitting down.

"I guess you're right," he pauses with a thought, "Especially since I didn't really create you."

Yeah, about that, I am still working on how that makes any sense. "How is it possible for such a thing to happen?" I ask, putting my anger aside for answers.

Lucas shushes me with a click of his tongue and he quietly glides towards me.

"This is not only a loss for you, but for me as well."

"Why," I refute, "because you won't have a blinded lover anymore? Someone that you stole from someone else?"

I hear a snarl and feel Lucas's cold breath on my neck. "You are lucky that I have loved you, or else you would be dead."

I spit in his face then, without much thought as to the consequences. If I'm going to die, I might as well provoke it in style. I feel the air vibrate with energy as he pulls his arm back so as to strike me and just as quickly I feel whatever we are in give a quick swerve. We're in a van. My mind is swift, but without second thoughts.

Carol Ann, are you in there? It was his voice again, so clear that if I were not mistaken he was right outside of the van.

Yes, I'm here! I shriek as loud as my mind allows.

Within seconds of my silent plea a hole appears with the annoying crunch of metal and a hand pops through, illuminated by the moonlight that is now washing down on us. The van nearly turns over as it suddenly brakes on whatever piece of cement that we were traveling on.

Come on! He beckons to me, solemn hand waving in front of me; searching.

I can't, I'm being held down! I suddenly hold the slight image of the young boy in my mind for this stranger to see and his hand quickly disappears. In the next few seconds I find myself breathing heavily. I don't need to breathe, but it is a natural reaction that my dead body has yet to control. The van is silent; everyone is waiting for the attack.

Just when Lucas begins to calm down beside me a screeching noise nearly pops my eardrums. The side of the van where the sliding door would be is stripped to one side, revealing a beautiful scene that includes a darkened body of water that must have been the view for the driver. The moon is large near the water and the waves are rolling in massively.

But I only intake the scenery, pardon me, the natural scenery because beside the door the same man that I had seen in downtown is standing staring down at my captors, anger and vengeance fills his eyes and head.

I barely glimpse at his abnormal beauty because seconds after everyone realized that the situation was in dire need of being called a failure they all launched. And boy, are they quick.

But so is my savior. Twice as quick I reckon.

After the grisly attack that left several dead vampires, or whatever was left of them, and a few (including Lucas I noted) that had escaped in time and are now nowhere in sight.

"Carol Ann." His voice is deep, rusty; out of use.

My name sounds good coming out of his ruby mouth.

"Thank you." I simply say, what else can I say? I don't know him!

"You did, a long time ago." he answers my silent accusation.

"I'm sorry, you may have the wrong person."

"You know I don't. Deep down, you know me; I protected you then, I will protect you again."

"But why?"

"Because you are my other half."

"I've heard that before and it ended up with me being kidnapped and almost shipped to God knows where. I just wish Lucas would have let me die when I had jumped."

"Never!" he shouts, making me jump a little; not in fright, but in surprise.

"What is so great about me? I'm average. I look average, have an average career, and have an average outlook; I'm plain."

"You do not fully comprehend yourself. A lot of what you know is not the truth. You are anything but average."

"Why am I so important to all these vampires? Why can't I just be normal?" I almost burst out, but manage to keep my voice at a proper level, or at least at a menacing whisper.

"You are the only one I have ever bitten."

"So? Surely you get hungry?"

"Most people I bite never survive. They either die from infection or I can't resist their blood." His face looks pained. "It is hard to stop sometimes."

I look at this wonder of beauty.

"Must be hard being the only of your kin."

He looks surprised then, if not, I can almost say that he looks a bit enthusiastic; as enthusiastic as a beautiful, sullen, killing machine can look. "But I'm not anymore! You see, you and I are of the same Kin. We are connected!"

At that moment he does something strange, he murmurs to me, "Watch your head!" and we are going down...

We are now at the mercy of the freezing high tides of Lake Ontario. Thank God for no need to breathe.


The End

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