Patrick Leer


I could sense her blood the moment that her vision was set upon the vampiric world once more.

It was the smell of purity at its finest; the strongest magnet I have ever felt. I loved her, I had loved her; I would always love her.

She had finally seen me watching her, her dark hair had blown dramatically in the evening wind. I had felt her mind as it ached for a familiar touch and I had reached at her as if my life depended on it.

I was born dead in a way... the first of my kind; the only of my kin. She is my other half connecting me to this world... does she not know of her importance? Perhaps not, but those malicious captors of hers have a plan to smoke me out; to put quite frankly.

I remember her fragrance when she had been a child. She had stared teary eyed up at me and I had answered her wishes by blinding her from the truth, but not without living my mark. When she was ready, when death beckoned towards her my bite would become active, setting her on the path to become a powerful vampire. The help of another vampire was also needed; the kiss of another would bring her death deeper and whether it be a day, a year; a millennia, she would remember me.

That day has come and I must begin my chase; my hunt for the only human to have moved my dead heart strings, the only one whose eyes had seen my truth in various forms; the only woman I have and ever will love.

Carol Ann, I will find you.


The End

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