To Dream A Nightmare

Darrus Atarne sat atop his black and white mare, shifting slightly in the leather saddle.  He peered skyward, and frowned deeply at the darkening clouds.  It was near dusk, and it would surely rain.  Silently, he cursed his ill fortune.  Dismounting from his horse, Darrus scanned the outskirts of the village.

It was a large, normal looking village, all but for the lack of... well, anything.  No children chased after dogs, nor were there any parents calling those children in for their bedtime.  It was as alive as a cemetery. 

His good friend and fellow rogue, Jarthos, had invited Darrus to accompany him out here.  There had been rumors of some sort of treasure that was apparently around the village.  That was a week ago.  Darrus had hear nothing from his friend since then.  Taking a look at the old, near rotted wooden signpost, the faded name of the village could be seen:  Dreadsmire.

"Nice.  What a beautiful name for a village.  I wish I lived here."  he said outloud, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The village was almost surrounded by swamps and mires, hence the name.  As Darrus wondered why the village couldn't have been surrounded by daisies and puppies, he noticed something else amiss.  No birds or other wildlife sounds could be heard.  This gave him shivers up his spine.  It was most unnatural.

Darrus had been a little worried about his friend, as he had declined Jarthos' offer to come along.  He had been "engaged in other actifvities".  His other vice: women.  It was his second love.  His first love being financial gain.  He didn't like to think negatively, but seeing this creepy village didn't help.  Darrus turned to his horse.

"You don't suppose that perhaps they all go to bed early?"  he asked, nodding his head in an effort to convince himself.

His horse shook it's head, as if in response.

"No, I didn't think so either.  Alright, I'm going to go investigate.  You wait here for me, okay?"  said the rogue, tying the reins to the saddle, so his equine friend would not get tripped up.

With a great sigh, he placed a hand on the pommel of his longsword, and slowly walked into the seemingly deserted village.

The End

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