A Different Pain (part I)



The moonlight filters through the thick curtains, casting upon the marble floor a dim light. I reach a massive wooden door and hold the silver handles with both hands. I pull and push the door that would be my escape, but to no avail. The door shifts not even an inch.

“This is the door, this has to be the door,” I murmur to myself in an attempt to assuage my trembling spirits. My fingers close around the handle once again and push it down, adding more weight against the silver. Hopelessness overrides me; I move to my right and gently pull the curtain aside to peer at the desolated street. Only the wind travels the midnight road. Adryan, I hope he is all right, a sudden warm feeling settles in my heart at the thoughts of him and his well-being. The sight of him being pinned down against the ground by a blood-thirsty demon had been heart wrenching and the same feeling of despair had washed over me until a darkness veiled me and the next thing I knew was that Drey had me imprisoned. I move back to the door again but this time my attempts are drowned by the sound of splintering wood and a supernatural cry coming from behind the basement door. Cautiously, I walk back to the room with hanging chandelier and press my back against the wall of the room adjacent. I lean my head over my shoulder and watch as the door is being torn into pieces from inside the basement.

“A demon,” I breathe and sprint away as quietly as I can. I reach the door in no time and, with frantic moves and shoves, I try to open it. The high pitch wail of the demon reaches my ears and renders me numb as my heartbeat races and my thinking process slows down by a third. A silent growl makes fear run through my skin and the logical rationale in me snaps. I dart from the door in full sprint and up the stairs with a single idea in mind: escape. The soft colors that once predominated in the walls are gone and in its former innocent resemblance of purity now remain the apparent fading into shades of black. The wood from the banisters have not endured the battle against time, for their appearance and color are ill and somber. Upon reaching the second floor, I stand facing multiple doors and hallways leading into a dark and empty void at the end, or so it seems. The steps quicken in pace and determination, throwing me into a state of uncertainty as to which way to go. I close my eyes and dart to my right, where the dust dances with the light of the moonlight filtering through a ragged curtain at the end of the hallway. I catch quick glimpses of the silent town around me, of their dark windows, and peaceful slumber. Resolution forms in my mind at the sight of freedom metaphorically written in each window. I thrust the curtain of a window aside and press my fingers against the cold window pane, searching for the latch to open it.

Drey’s house has many windows and balconies, it also has many protrusions of roof throughout the second floor, opening the window and walking in these small roofs is an easy task as opposed to facing his wrath and that of his demon. The moon smiles mercilessly in its floating state, a white orb against a dark sky with wispy gray clouds. Wood creaks from below and the dread of death whispers in my ears, begging me to stay and allow my body to be used at the disposition of a far stronger force than that of my will. I shake the appalling idea from my mind and run again, disappearing around the corner of the winding hallway. Once I turn the corner, a cold and heavy feeling befalls my heart and I feel like drowning when my breath comes uneven. I stand there facing a dead end; there is no door, only a dark wall with long mirror from ceiling to floor. The weary blue eyes staring back at me are my own, but they have aged and paled in brightness and liveliness. I am trapped and the footsteps are quickly closing in on me.

“She was here,” a croaking whisper sends shivers down my spine and the moonlit hallway returns to its darkened state. My heart hammers against my chest; I forgot to draw back the curtain over the window. I clench my fist, if he wants me he’ll have to fight me first. The faint shadow is nearing my hiding place but I am ready to face whatever it may come, after all, he wants me alive and healthy for his dear Zahira. A loud banging from the first floor echoes through the manor, I hear Drey curse and change his path toward the origin of the sound. I glance at the empty hallway, seeking this opportunity to run somewhere that offers no dead end. I race across the hallway and reach the other side, grateful of the sudden and mysterious distraction.

The End

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