Dark Desire (part II)

The streets are dwindling of people walking on them; the moon is making its slow ascent to overpower the sky from the sun. A thought tugs at his mind as he recalls the unbearable pain he had suffered some days ago. He has been seen by a witch.

“The witches are closer to hunt me down,” Drey voices his surreal thoughts, “they know I live in Atala.”

“How sir?” Murdson asks alarmed. “How is that possible?”

“Psychic connection,” Drey grunts, “through the demons, they are trying to trace their origin. All the demons are traced back at me, they’ve tried several times but the connection was weak. Recently, one witch was able to penetrate further than I expected.”

He recalls that day when he was sitting in the couch, ready to create his last demon of the day. A searing pain had cruise his body and seemed to be burning his blood. His mind reeled and instantly he saw a pair of blue eyes scanning the room with curiosity. With all the energy he could muster, he ordered her mind to get out of his dying demon. When the witch’s connection was severed, he felt a piercing rage and then pain, as the demon fell on the ground.  

His thoughts wander to the young man, “he wasn’t created,” he mumbles, “his mind was preserved in his body.” He smirks in satisfaction as an idea reveals and unfolds before him, “that is the answer Murdson, Zahira doesn’t want to dwell in a body made from earth; she wants a body of flesh and bone.” He chuckles at his blindness, “fabricated bodies do not last and they always carry flaws within them, but to place Zahira’s soul in a new body.”

“Sounds very good, Master,” Murdson nods fervently and wrings his hands together, savoring the delightful plan, “who shall be your victim?”

Drey considers his answer but remains silent for he did not know what to say. The houses become less compact as they approach the outskirts of town, his features are composed as he walks but his heart skips a beat when he sees a pair of blue eyes not far from him. Hastily, he conceals his body in an alley and roughly pulls Murdson into the hiding. He peers at the young woman standing before a row of houses, scrutinizing their windows. The woman is tall and lean; her long blonde hair swaying harmoniously with the wind. What strike him with amazement are her eyes, bright, clever, and cold blue eyes that show wisdom and compassion. He licks his lips and a cold sweat runs down her spine. He wants her.

“She is a very good candidate,” Murdson whispers in a coarse voice.

“She is indeed very beautiful,” Drey mutters, a sly smile posing in his lips. “Zahira would love to dwell in her body…” Just then everything seems to move slower as his mind tries to process the sudden realization before him. He remembers her; he has seen her before, but when? He opens his mouth ever so slightly. He remembers the pain and angst from a couple of previous nights ago. “She is a witch,” he mumbles to himself. His fingers are shaking with emotion at his findings, she is the witch who had been able to penetrate through his demon’s mind and had seen him.

He clenches his fist and draws in a breath, a sliver of a smile covers his face, “she is perfect,” he whispers into the thin air. “Zahira will belong to the world of the living in no time.” He begins to appear from behind his concealment, but stops and quickly returns to the shadow.

The young witch had company; it is the young man whom had run into him. Everything is clear now; the young man was brought to this world by the witches, both of them serving a common goal: his destruction.

He casts a look of disdain toward the man, silently wishing he would burst in flames. The frigid wind picks up strength and blows the clouds away. The potent moonlight shines through the dissipating clouds and kills the shadows of the night. Drey recoils from the sudden light shed on him and hides farther into the dark alley. His heart flutters and his breath becomes heavy with exhilaration.

The faint, dark glow of the pearl is warm against his skin, an infuriating warmth as if Darkness is trying to rebel against his dark desires. He has what he wants but it is unattainable at the moment. His mind starts spinning with somber thoughts of destruction, pain, and death. Everything is going to end very soon. Zahira will be by his side before dawn breaks the night.

The End

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