Revealing Adryan's past (part II)



The stench of blood becomes stronger as I near the origin of the flames, the sun shines strongly through a clearing before me. Once I reach the clearing I skid to a stop, mortify by what my eyes were witnessing.  In the middle of the clearing, a lonely house stood burning helplessly in fire, its inhabitants lay on the ground, dead, murdered. The four bodies are piled up, drenched in blood, the two adult bodies at the bottom and two children on top of them, their chests are rip open. Their lifeless eyes are looking at the sky above, showing surprise and a single question in them: why?

Fury boils inside me as I search for the creator of this carnage. My knees shake beneath my unsteady weight and clumsy movements as I make my way toward the burning house in search of survivors. I stop dead in my tracks as I hear the wood creak and a wall caving in, becoming ashes as the blazing fire increases. From inside the house comes out the abnormal outline of a person surrounded by swirls of potent smoke, camouflaging its gray skin. 

The nude figure walks out of the house in a deliberate fashion, her hands are holding a newborn baby to her jaw, rejoicing in the baby’s blood. She brings down the baby from her mouth, her teeth tainted with red. She licks her lips with elation and throws the baby into the human pile, its chest having the incisions of deadly, sharp teeth. The demon looks at me and a sly smile forms in her face as her pitch black eyes focus on me.

I grit my teeth and impulse myself, running at high speed toward her. My shoulder connects with her chest, tackling her down onto the ground. Our heavy bodies hit the ground, she tries pounding and clawing me with her fingernails but I roll away, preparing myself to tackle her again. I have no weapons with me, but nothing mattered anymore. I only have my thirst for revenge, which would suffice to kill this one demon and honor the hideous death of this family. They were just there; they did nothing to deserve this.

The demon croaks and scrambles to her feet, swaying ever so slightly and licking her cracked lips again, a devious and mocking smile forms in them, derisively challenging me for more. Enraged, I start at her again, forming a fist and pulling it behind me to gain momentum and be more lethal when it hits the demon. When I came up to her face I inflict my punch on her forehead, just between her eyes and hear something break. She takes some steps back, covering her face and nose as blood trickles down her face. I take her by the shoulder-blades and bring her down, her chest colliding with my upright knee. I kick her sideways in one final blow, which sends her reeling to her right and collapsing on the ground. More wood crumbles beneath the hellish heat of the fire, making a tune in accompaniment of the rising and falling of my chest burning with indignation.

“Adryan, what are you doing?” Leila’s breathing voice sounds behind me. Her hands are placed against a tree trunk to support her tired body. Her eyes shifts to the burning house and the dead human bodies and gasps in horror. “Who did this?!” she cries incensed, walking feebly toward the bodies amassed and soaked with blood. She falls on her knees and clasps her hands together as in prayer.

The offended cries and screeches of the demon fills the atmosphere with dread, she charges toward me, ready to exact her deadly attack. The blood running down her face streams faster as she gathers speed and knocks me out of my feet with her powerful shove, she lifts her feet in an attempt to crush by bones by stomping on them. Before her unclean foot lands on my arm, I stop it with my hand and hurl her foot away from me, heaving myself from the ground. She goes unbalanced for some seconds before setting her foot back on the ground and slashing me across the chest with her long nails. I flinch due to the pain and took several steps back as she repeats her move.

Leila shrieks in horror as I fall in the ground, with half my shirt gone. My chest has several grazes that are not very deep but multiple. I clench my fist and block out the pain as I try to drag my weakened body away from her looming shadow. I perform my last resort; I fling my leg sideways, hitting her in the weak point behind the knee. She bents down and arcs in pain, just then I see vermilion lights shining in the sky. I lift my arm, reaching out for that last scrap of salvation. The handle falls into my hands perfectly, the liquid washing against the transparent hilt.

I let out a growl and stab the demon in the chest, just where the heart is located. I watch the liquid seep from the hilt and down the blade, dripping copiously to the fresh wound. Images of the misery this demon created floods into my mind, the shadows of the family swarms in and my last thought is that of the dead baby who was forbidden to enjoy its life. Tears pricks my eyes, I dislodge the dagger and dive it down again, this time inches away from the heart. Blood spurts from the body and into my skin, I hear the faint yelp coming from the demon’s throat as her body remains paralyze and cracks under the heat of the sun, flames, and my wrath.

Only a mound of dirt remains before me, with the dagger still on it and my shaking hands gripping it with force. I let out a roar and sink into depression, hoping that the sobs and tears will wash away the terrible scenes of death from my mind. Crying feels so good after an absence of them since that incident. A soft hand wraps around my hand holding the dagger and gently pries my fingers away. Leila encloses me in an embrace, making me burrow my head in the hollow between her shoulder and neck, forcing me to sob silently in her delicate and smooth skin. She sets her chin on my head and rubs my back, quieting my restless thoughts.

“They will feel grateful,” she whispers, reassuring my heart.

“I couldn’t do enough to save them,” I say weakly, in a broken and distant voice, “I wasn’t there to save them, I should’ve, I should’ve, I… I… my family ... they died because of me, because I wasn't there…”

The End

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