Right timing


The surrounding forest is foliage of green as light dances through leafs and branches. The dead and dried leafs and grass crunches beneath my struggling steps. Finally, after much running, I press my back against the rough bark of a peeling tree with gnarled branches adorned with long, light-green leafs. I hold the elongated round hollow hilt of the dagger close to my chest, its crimson liquid hitting its glassy, crystal-clear walls. I control my breath and squint through the sunray that strikes my face. The sound of scurrying feet pricks my ears and I hold the dagger inches higher, almost close to my face.  

The scampering steps slow down to a prowl and a repugnant smell follow shortly after several growls. I hear the demon getting closer to the tree concealing my trembling body; I count the steps it had to take in order to get to me. Out of instinct, I step around the tree and lung myself toward the hunched demon, both of my hands are grasping the hilts as I dive it down into the demon’s body. The demon bends out of the attack and swings her over-sized arm, hitting me in the side. I collapse to the ground with pain in my ribs; quickly I roll out of the massive fist coming down on me. I scramble to my feet, hugging the side of my body and grasping the dagger with only one hand. The crimson liquid shimmers with the sunlight casting vermilion lights that fuse with the remote scenery. The blade of the dagger remains untouched and unused as it glimmers underneath the sun.

The hunched demon sways in her feet, trying to find an uncommon balance in them. Her nudity was revolting; her gray skin being covered in mud and fungus, her long hair was tangled with twigs and leafs. Her eyes are like other demons I have vanquish, completely dark and with an endless deepness and emptiness. Her cracked lips are pulled away from her jagged fangs and her ears move restlessly in her head. Due to their apparent lack of sight, they are force to use their hearing senses to move around and catch their prey. 

Guttural sounds form in her throat as she skips forwards, gathering speed. I move sideways, avoiding our collision, just as her body was sliding past mine; I bring down my elbow on her back causing her to screech in pain and crumple to the ground. Before I can stab my dagger in her, she crawls away from me. Her finger-claws peels off the bark from the tree as she creeps up the trunk, then her feet pushes against the tree to gather impulse in her lethal counter-attack.

Her palms grasp my shoulders and plummets me down on the ground, leaving me no escape. The dagger falls from my grasp and I try to wriggle free from her iron-clad hands. A sly and repulsive smile etches across her face; she opens her jaws, ready to plunder her lethal row of teeth in my flesh.

A loud scream tears at my ears and her weight immediately releases oppression against my body. Sunlight streams through the eyelids of my close eyes as I hear scuffling of bodies in a near distance. I jolt upright and scamper to take the dagger from meters away from me; I turn to get some understanding of the miracle. “Hunter!” I say half annoyed and half grateful.

Adyan has his legs wrap around the demon’s waist and his arms encloses her neck. Her arms reach to her back and pound her fists on Adryan; he winces because of the pain and quickly jerks his arm sideways causing the neck to break. He falls on the ground as he watches the demon scream in agony.

“You cannot kill a demon that way!” I scream, afraid of the infuriating demon and the dire consequences that will ensue.

“That’s right, I didn’t meant to kill her just yet,” he jumps to his feet and takes the demons wrists from behind, he places a feet on the demon’s back and kicks it making her arms fold back in an awkward angle. More screams follows as her limbs are being tear away from her body, her eyes bulges out in rage and pain.

“What are you doing?!” I scream frantically, taking some steps back from the hideous scene before me.

“Touch her forehead!” he commands, “come on, you said you needed to track the origin of these demons!”

Understanding falls in my face, “I never meant like this,” I say, making my way toward the demon. Once I was standing before the struggling demon, I try placing my hand on her forehead but she was restless.

“I can’t hold on forever,” Adryan snaps with a heavy breath, “hurry up or I might let her go soon!”

I inhale air and courage and hold her face with a tight grasp; I place my hand on her forehead and start the tracking process. Everything is silence around me. Darkness engulfs my senses and body. My mind travels through her mental sky, searching for her origin in hopes of finding Drey. Blood. Immediately I encounter blood, the demon is licking blood in a ravenous manner off a pale hand. I look up through the demon’s eyes, into a gaunt face with grey eyes and yellow tinting the iris. Drey. I turn my vision to see the room around me, it is obscure and wicked, and the window is heavily draped and dusty. 

“Get out of her mind, witch,” a hiss sends my mind reeling back to the forest. I stagger in my feet at the sudden prying of my vision, severing my contact. I look up at Adryan and he is watching me with a concerned and inquisitive expression. I close my eyes and feel the hilt once more before stabbing it into the demon’s body. The red liquid trickles from the hilt, down the blade, and into the demon’s body. The last cries dies away and the demon becomes dust before their eyes.

“Anything useful?” he asks, walking to me.

I shook my head, “I saw Drey but he discovered my connection, I was only able to see his room.”

Adryan shrugs, “oh, well, next time we’ll have a better chance.”

I nod, “shouldn’t you be with Elena?” Two demons had appeared at the same time, Adryan was to accompany one of our youngest witches whilst I deal with this other one.

“Easy as hunting a doe,” he says importantly, “besides, I reckon you were in a bit of trouble.” He grins playfully.

I roll my eyes and inflict a punch in his arm, making him flinch with ache and confusion. We walk back to the settlement, a different light dancing around us. For once, I feel grateful for his presence.

The End

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