Moonlight demon


My skin isn’t translucent, which I discover when the sun had been burning my skin after standing beneath it for quite a while. Everything was surreal and beyond comprehension. I skulk around the town, avoiding contact with the passing people. New feelings arouse inside me and cloud my mind of any logical reasoning. I saw the world with different eyes, instead of playing a part in the town´s life I was merely watching the events unfurling in a normal day. The town of Syltar in the Kingdom of Anglier isn’t what people would call prosperous but it had its charm in some way. The children are playing in the unkempt streets and the adults are hauling their goods around to earn a living. Stalls crowds the streets and merchants shout their goods to allure potential customers, the houses that flank the streets are tall and sickening with molding walls and dusty surfaces.

Nobody is able to see me. I march to the plaza where I was burn indiscriminately, once in the plaza I saw the traces of burning wood and the scent of char skin even though the corpse had been removed… my corpse. I was condemn a witch after getting drunk in a pub, drugged I would say, once I hit the streets I was muttering incomprehensible phrases which the townsfolk consider as incantations. For three days I was incarcerated in the dungeons, my hunger eating me away. My skin became gray and wrinkled due to the lack of sunlight and appropriate feeding. I felt desolated in the dungeons but I learned to talk to the shadows and read the fear of the ones condemned.

I shook my head, wishing for those thoughts to eradicate from my mind. A pang of guilt settles on my heart as I remember Leila’s words. “Innocent women die because they are hunted down due to the blindness of the townsfolk.” Leila couldn’t blame me for hunting down those women; she didn’t blame me for the unseen. I look up at the broken sky partially traversed by clouds; I had a way to redemption. 

The burning desire in my stomach was belittle by the late evening sun. I watch breathless at the event of nature which takes place every day but up until today I am able to appreciate it. I am sitting in the roof of what used to be my dwelling and watching the sun lingering in the horizon casting an orange light to everything around it. I reach to my pockets and discover I still had the daggers in my trousers. I slip off the roof effortlessly and fell with my feet on the ground; it was time to go back to Leila.

The night brings peace to my ears as if the stars are singing lullabies to those willing to listen. My steps are light and the moonlight falls over me as if I didn’t exist, my shadow didn’t appear under the influence of light. The sound of feet sliding in the ground catches my attention as I shift my glance to an alleyway, groans follow shortly. I squint through the night only aided by the moonlight; warily I make my way closer to the source of the sound. Nothing could hurt me, I was already dead. Confident that nobody would be able to see me, I stand facing the darkened alleyway and found the attractive figure of a woman bath in moon dust. Her limbs are long and elegant and her hair is flowing with silvery glimmer, her face is turn away from me grunting at the wall.

I lower my head, deciding it was nothing and turn around. A voice lures me back to the alleyway as the woman walks up to me with her hand outstretched, her velvet voice calls at me to wait for her. Fear grips my heart as I saw her approaching, her fingernails are long and sharp and her skin is grey with small traces and blotches of white. Her eyes are the ones that struck fear in my head and rooted me in my spot; her eyes are completely pitch-black with no whites. She opens her mouth to reveal several rows of fangs and makes guttural sounds.

I took an involuntary step backward, facing the demon which stood before me. My hand reaches to my pocket, a firm grip on the hilts of the daggers. Before I could pull out the daggers, the demon jumps on me and obscure the world around me.

“Leila wake up,” Astra shakes the sleeping body of Leila. “Adryan needs your help.”

At the name, Leila quickly arouses and ties a black cloak on her. “What happened?”

Astra takes her hand and guides her to the shimmering cauldron, in the liquid crystal two figures of the night are struggling in an alleyway of the town of Syltra. “Idiot,” mutters Leila and runs to the forest. She hopes to make it on time before the waning hope fades away.

Her screeches and violent thrusts kept me on the ground, totally overpowered by her presence. Her head hung low on her chest and swaying on her feet waiting for my next move. I stand up and spat some blood mix with dirt out of my mouth and wipe the remaining with my hand. I hold the daggers firmly and approach her. She sways dangerously to her side, flinging her arm with her; I dodge her sharp nails positioning myself just below her arching body and shove the dagger deep in her chest. I hear her screams through the night, piercing my ears as she slumps back and recoils on her wound. Black liquid oozes out of the newly inflicted wound accompany by a putrid smell. Dread grips my heart as I saw the demon’s body erecting itself, a small opening in its chest. Her body slowly peels away and rots, crumbling to the ground shower in a dark liquid. I took steps back, letting the daggers fall on the ground with a distinct clank. My hands are smear with dark liquid and I quickly tried to wipe them off.

A swift figure rushes past me, producing a gust of wind which inspires me a certain familiarity. A figure shrouded in black kneels before the dying demon, feeling her forehead. It was Leila; hastily I walk up to her and wrap my hands on her right arm. “What are you doing?” I say pulling her away from the demon whose dark liquid was tinting Leila’s dress and cloak.

“Stop it!” Leila shook my hands away and presses her fingers on the demon’s forehead. Her eyes become completely white and her body goes stiff. Abruptly, she backs away from the demon that burst into fire, consuming its body away and leaving behind earthen ashes. Leila stands up and walks to me, looking up at my face. “Good job hunter, you are quite qualified for the job seeing that you completely overpower you first demon.”

The End

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