The Tale of Darkness


“Long time ago, Nature produced two daughters: one was blessed with Light whilst the other one with Darkness. The twins spend their time together, away from the always hurtful humankind, hidden in shadows embedded deep in nature. Light could camouflaged herself in the day, which she enjoyed greatly, a pleasure to watch but she always kept away from human presence. Darkness skulked in the night, invisible to everyone, pondering in the darkness she created. Darkness fell in love with a man whom she found in a rose garden every night. She watched him longingly from the shadow provided by a tree as he looked up from the garden to a window. His face was handsome and serene, his hair was a midnight color, his figure was tone and that of a desperate lover, and his lips were full and rosy. Desire burned in his heart and showed in his complexion.

“He loved the damsel who lived in the tower and was content with watching her pale complexion through the glass. No physical contact was made nor word of affection formed in their lips, it was not necessary, their hearts spoke loud enough. Darkness watched all these with jealousy and sadness. The young man and the damsel belonged to different worlds, the lady’s parents forbid her to leave the tower, fearing she would lose her pureness if she stepped outside the crystal world they created for her.

“’We will never be together’, one night she heard the young man said. That phrase broke her heart and she concluded that she was in love for when you love a person you want him to be happy, even if it meant that they will never be together. She stepped out from the shadows; the sky was devoid from the moon. Silently she walked to the rose garden, the smell filling her nostrils with a delicate scent as she walked through it. She stood behind her beloved and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned back, hoping it was his darling, but when he saw the pallid and lean figure kneeling beside him he was shocked. He quickly backed away, crushing further Darkness heart.

“She remained strong and brushed any hint of sadness in her. ‘I want to help you,’ she said, clasping her hands together and blinking away any tears that formed in her eyes.

“’Help me with what? What are you?’ he asked, his hand reaching toward her hands. When his fingertips brushed into Darkness skin, he recoiled. ‘Your hands are cold.’

“’I am the one who lust to be by your side,’ she said, hiding her sad eyes behind her eyelashes. ‘I will help you be together with her.’

“At this words, his heart fluttered and his eyes cast upon the world a different color. ‘Will you do that? Can you do that?’ he asked in desperation, fighting happiness and uncertainty alike. ‘That would make me the happiest man in the world, oh, if only I could be with her.’

“Darkness bowed her head and drew in a deep breath. ‘Call her to the window,’ she said, ‘tell her to press her hands against it.’

“He hastily scrambled toward the base of the tower and whispered unintelligible words, words only the heart of his loved one would ever understand. How Darkness yearned to ever understand them. After some minutes, he turned and nodded at Darkness. In the window, a beautiful woman with long blond hair placed a hand against the window.

“Darkness whispered an incantation and the night was alive. The shadows in the sky reached past the window and shrouded the damsel in its dark cloak, taking her away from her sanctum. She gave a little yelp and soon found herself standing in the rose garden; her white nightdress was flowing with the wind. She had a beautiful aura surrounding her, almost angelical. The young man dashed forward and embraced her, kissing her lovingly in the lips. She returned his affection with utmost passion. A stray tear rolled down Darkness cheek and she left the lovers to themselves. I never asked his name, Darkness thought bitterly. They weren’t meant to be together, her heart was to remain pure.

“Decades died away and Light and Darkness grew in spirit. One fateful night, Darkness was wandering in the desolated mountains in a new moon night. The wind whispered in her ear and brushed her skin with delicacy, until the wind carried an oath of death to her ears. The voice brought back painful memories to her heart as she remembered the young man who held her heart captive. She rushed to the place where desire of death was strongly heard, standing over the cliff was the man she loved and had slowly learned to forget. His expression was haggard, his eyes bloodshot red from lack of sleep, his lips were drawn downward from the sad events that happened in his life. He spread opened his arms and screamed his farewell to this world. He left the safety of land and jumped into the dark abyss before him.

“Darkness blanketed him in winds and brought him back to her. She wrapped her arms around the frail body and rocked him all night, singing lullabies of ailment to heal his heart. At dawn, he woke up and found himself staring at Darkness, a beauty of the night. He cried the loss of his damsel, whom had died of illness when she was exposed to his humble life; he blamed himself for not taking care of her. He deserved death for only in the afterlife will they ever be together.

“’Don’t die,’ Darkness pleaded, caressing his gaunt face, ‘be happy with me, stay by my side, I love you.’

“He found himself speechless and wriggled free from her. ‘How can you ask me to love you when I lost my wife two days ago?!’ he screeched, pulling away from the hands that reached for him.

“’Time heals everything, like it did to my heart that night when you escaped with her,’ she said in a soothing voice. ‘Come here, I will make you happy and immortal.’

“Immortal, that word stung in his heart and opened in his mind a world of possibility and greed. Slowly he let himself be wrapped in Darkness cold embrace and disappeared as the sun crept its way from behind the mountains.

“’What is your name?’ Darkness asked, leaning into his body, her lips nibbling in his ear.

“’Drey,’ he whispered, confounded by the new emotions he felt toward Darkness.

“’Will you love me forever?’ she asked. ‘I can give you power…’

“His heart skipped a beat, ‘I will’ he whispered and took her face between his hands and kissed her.

“Darkness had what she wanted, and so did Drey. After some time together, Drey discovered what Darkness really was, a very powerful entity. He did not wish her heart, he wanted her power. Darkness opened her heart to him and loved him unconditionally. After luring her into telling him what she was capable of doing, he trapped her in a pearl that sat atop a ring.

“’Why?’ was the only word that rose to her lips as tears fell from her eyes.

“’To bring her back,’ he replied with a madness in his eyes. He had betrayed her trust and stabbed her in the heart. She lost her powers to this human being and realized Mother Nature had been right all along: humankind was a dangerous creature. The white pearl began to turn pitch black, reflecting Darkness withered heart.”

The End

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