To Capture DeathMature

The span stretched before him in his seemingly endless fall. The fat man has long plummeted to his all to rapid and pretty messy demise upon the surface of that very ominous planetoid. But as his good intuitions seem to tell him something was very amiss, He couldn't place it but the world did seem off for he has been falling for sometime and the said planetoid seemed to be in the same exact place...?Then as this realization can wandering up to his senses the planetoid seem to shutter and warble as if it where a rusty stop sign then took on the form of a rather silvery shinned orb. then as he realized he was still plummeting straight toward this transformed planetoid and it didn't seem that far away. It was pretty much hovering a few feet from his rapidly plummeting self. He slammed into it and the ball splattered itself in every which way. The splashes settled in a what seemed to be a brief second and formed small beads with the same silvery sheen. The air around our foolhardy destroyer was litter with beads every direction seemed covered no root of escape sprang to his mind. The first swing of his great scythe slipped through a good many of his little spherical wardens, and yet they did not move just stayed suspended in there chosen little orbits and ignored the wicked scythes strike as a mere solar breeze. Suddenly pain shot into the base of his brain from a oily silver spot splattered on the crotch of his blood crusted blue jeans. The pain was the fairly familiar deep throb from a swift kick in the groin. His head swam still off it rocker when another blast of pain hit his temple and he found that it had covered half his entire face. He felt his body being covered as the spheres pounded his body and inked their way around its entirety.It leaked deep into his every orifice. He felt as if he where in tears as the liquid forced its way deep into the sockets of his eyes. He threatened to gags as the frigid liquid poured into his guts in a stream of solid Ice cold fury. The cold pain reached deep into his bodies most inner core and was bathed in deep soulless black abyss in which he was slave. "We have him master he was captured just on the edge of sphere 3 in the 7th core reality" offered Lynda with her cold and rather distant deamor as she stared at the pornographic seen taking place on the screen hovering before her. Loki sat on the edge of his rock throne with utter giddiness at the screams pouring from the alternate Lynda's pleasure ridden body. "He tore you a few new ones didn't he?Ó Loki said as he tuned to meet the completely unamused face of his Lady Lynda and let forth a blast of uncontrolled laughter and a rain of spit. He fell back in his throne water still emerging from his humor ravaged eyes. He settled his mockery to get back to more pressing matters and ushered a sigh of relief then commanded Ò We better get to work creating another world to fit into that strand before the whole damn omniverse starts bleeding into itself" . "Yes sir straight away" returned Lynda as work came again to her mind. she turned and made her way down the grassy path to exit the chamber door. As the door slid open Loki proclaimed Ò I guess we might need to show our divine guests Anubus, Shiva and Buddha "The Garden" for it will take a good bit of power to plug up that little scratch and to send our dear destroyer to The ho so Grim one". "Your wish is my command master" said Lynda as the door slid shut behind her. "Computer can you locate our little Omega for me I want to keep my eye on him till the man gets him" a chime of recognition echoed and threw the screen into life as it streaked across the frozen moans of Lynda to a land blasted with snow and Ice. it plunged into the white maelstrom to find a man lying face first and in a deep snow rift black cloak blowing angrily in the unforgiving artic wind. His Body ravaged with pain the frost eating deeply into his flesh. he awoke with a start as his body was amazed he still held life. he slowly crept to a crawling position and scoped his surrounding to ground his mind and forget the pain that thundered throughout his limbs. he saw the shaft of his scythe ascending skyward a few steps from his head securely drilled into the utterly indefinite sheet of Ice. His bones ached as he made his way up his trusty weapon and to his feet. The wind seemed to be coming from every direction and made it completely impossible to see for all was reeked with white. there seemed to be no sun. all he was certain of was the cold hard ground on which he stood went on for as far as he could

imagine. He scanned for any trace of anything and nothing met his glance so he began his arduous journey to what end he could not fathom.

Time inched by as he crept onward and the pain still screamed through every cell of his wind beaten body. He began to see something forming in the distance it seemed his journey has lead him to

a wall off Ice. A fitting end to his life he figured, but as he reached a close proximity to this horribly unwelcome sight he noticed a circle imbedded in the harsh jagged cliff face. A dark image began to form within it with each step closer.. It seems to be a mirror and that must be his reflection for it wore a deep black cloak and carried a equally menacing scythe. "Greetings Dudley" suddenly echoed into his mind from within him in a friendly and all together accommodating tone. he scanned his surrounding for the voice felt very close he even venture to think it was himself, well talking to himself. he kept moving toward the mirror that stood in front of him and with every step the reflection became all the more clear.Ó I have been wanted to meet you again after our previous encounter for I have much to discuss with you" the voice returned with a soft withered tone. As his eyes watched his reflection grow ever closer he saw it take a rather unearthly form. Stand with the mirror before him stood a creature which was curiously familiar and even felt like home. Its face was not half frozen flesh as his at all it was a equally cold expressionless smile of a bleached white skull. He wore a cloak over where should have been his body yet none was there. He also held a rather uniquely wrought scythe in his right bone hand.

Ò "I am sorry for your long & traitorous journey for it was all done for a greater good Ò said the hollow pits where the creatures earthly eyes must have rested. .Dudley moved to the mirror feeling his anger welled up inside for all the death and destruction that laid in his wake. Fist slammed upon its smooth featureless face to vent his frustration. "Why did you bring me here\? Why have you been searching for me you soulless bag of bones? why?Ó Dudley commanded with a fringe of his unreeling patience. Ò Al will come in time but now I must see if you are worthy for the Test is at hand" The skull uttered in Dudley searching mind as his reflect began to dissolve and back away in the flurry of reflected snow. Dudley collapsed against the mirrors surface tired of the pain and his meaningless journey. The tears froze as they streamed down his face and his equally pained reflection that had returned to his familiar face.

Suddenly two bright beams cut the snow behind his ravaged reflection. He rushed to his feet and looked off to where the lights should have originated behind him yet he was only met by the blizzards mocking gust. he returned his glance to the mirror just in time to meet the violent headlights and smiling grill of a speeding black semi.. Mirror burst into shards or shrapnal as the unholy vehicle crashed into the frozen body of our dear destroyer. He swung his mighty weapon with blinding reflexes and caught the hood of his unwelcomed chariot. They both screamed through the vast tundra at a monstrous speed.. the truck moaned and creaked as its speed accumulated ripping through snow banks and drifts as a minor inconvenience. Dudley's hand turn white as he griped the shaft of his scythe and slowly climbed to the hood of his horrid capture. The windows where deep black and seem to reflect the same cold stare of his Grim host. . Our hero came to his feet balanced on the hood of the great truck and it began to bank violently and forced Dudley's to slam against the cold hard steel beneath his. The monster swerved wildly trying to buck our destroyer off to a crushing death under the huge rubber reeking tires.. The anger surged in our great warrior and forced him to react to this torture of he was tired of this monotony he jumped to his feet swing his scythe with its cruel accuracy shattering the windshield in one great slice. the shattered glass rained into his eyes and mouth leaving the taste of blood and satisfaction.

Well this pissed off the truck to say the least and it began to further build up speed and with a sudden jar swung it great trailer to the side and rolled to it side hoping to crush our head strong hero. As with precognition Dudley felt this coming and managed to swing himself to the upper most platform of the careening overturn behemoth. he laughed as the snow beat his face and split his still bleeding lips he felt as he was surfing on a whale over the white ocean caps he was utter in control and thusly in the height of his power. well as you can guess the diesel beast did not like this in the least and began to rock to become a rolling path of destruction. Dudley felt it shift and gracefully did a very well performed back flip and he stuck the landing in his skillful and thoughtless fashion as he watched the rumbling mass of metal fade into the surging blizzard. fairly amazed with himself he began to relax

Then a glint of metal in the storm before him caught the edge of his eye and with his preternatural reflex he slid out of the unknown attacks way. he slid e to the ground slipping on a patch of worn ice and sticking out of the ice a few millimeters from his face was a pair for shiny antique finished barber sheers. A small giggle rose in his throat as he quenched his over reactant fear. He came to his feet with the scissors in hand he analyzed them for curiosities sake and just as he made out a small skull engraved on the handle they spun and cut a wound across his face and then began it thrust madly at all the tender points of his pain ravaged body. he flung the away from him to avoid there seemingly possessed attacks. As quickly as they faded into the snow they returned with a purpose the slashed wildly at his arm and face as he parried each fatal point with his trusted scythe.

They climbed and dived rapidly and met his weapons shaft with every attempt. He unleashed his text book kung fu moves with blinding force and skill but the slivery pair seemed to have no weakness or need of rest. Our heroes arm began to tire with the constant barrage of blades. then as quickly as they appeared they seemed to vanish into thin air as Dudley's straining arms still fought against the now seeming regular blows. he swung his head too and fro to scan his perimeter for any surprise attack yet one didn't come and he found himself alone in the unending snow. He sat down resting his aching muscles and frost blistered face. He sudden caught a pleasant scent on the wind it was the unmistakable smell of hot bacon and eggs billowing to him from somewhere. His eyes reached deep into the fog of snow and found what looked like a teepee in the short distance. he was not one to over look a well obvious trap but bacon sure sounded good to his nagging stomach. He rose to his feet and made is way to the flap of the buffalo skinned domicile. He opened the flimsy entrance with a burst of wind. His eyes met the hauntingly gorgeous eyes of a Dark haired native woman who greeted him with surprise and hospitality. she was thickly clothed in Fur and animal skins and ushered him in with undo haste. Ò I did not think anyone else was out in this horrible mess for you would have to be nut to brave a blizzard such as this one" she said as she helped our frozen hero to a bundle of blanket close to the fire. "It also brings up the point why a woman such as yourself would be in the middle of a waste land all alone" Dudley said with questioning yet still hospitable tone. The rather beautiful woman poured a cup of hot tea into a small porcelain cup sitting on a equally find saucer on the large stones that surrounded her healthy camp fire. Her eyes where the warmest shade of blue he had seen in a while and they seem ever cheerful even in these desolate surroundings. She was preparing eggs and bacon over her well kept fire with a cast iron skillet from which the tantalizing scents poured into the small encamped meant and filled it with a great homey feel like early breakfast back home. She smiled as Dudley finished one cup and asked for another and gladly refilled it. Dudley watched the woman as she cooked and wonder at the care she took in the slightest preparation of this meal. as she moved in her seat he caught a glimpse of her soft round breasts peeking from the neck of her fur lined coat. Ò how long have you been out here my dark companion and fro what reason are you in this waste land Ò she offered as she noticed him peering down her freely billowing shirt. He backed his focus to her eyes as he answered with a disheveled

Ò Well, I woke up here and do not know the reason or where exactly I am". Ò You are in a fix then arn't you, Well you are welcome to stay the storm with me in this warm tent for it should blow over by tomorrow" the soft tone of the woman voice offered as she scooted closer to him. "I have been alone a very long time and would enjoy the company" she said while unfolding the countless blankets and furs over the cold and unyielding Ice. She stood up in the barely touching the skin roof as she pulled her fur line coat off of her Ivory white body. Our hero stared in amazement at the unearthly proportions of his hostesses body as its curves glowed in the radiant fire light. Her healthy breasts bounced with we subtle moments as she released her hair form its binds. Her Dark locks

cascaded down her well muscled torso and barely tickled the the hair over her perfectly sculpted stomach and barely tone thigh. She looked at Dudley with those kind and every so aluring blue eyes.

She slowly pushed him to the bountiful fur bedding and kissed him hard on the mouth tongue plunging every more deeper lapping at his with a fragrant ferocity. She tore at his cloak and cloths flinging them effortlessly all about the room till he lie naked on the woolen spread. He tongue traced the line of hair down his stomach and greeted every inch with a gentile nibble. His mind ran with confusion and lust for this woman seemed to not care in the least who he was or where he was from she just want to devour his body and as that thought crossed his mind he felt the warm softness of a mouth hugging his prematurely erect shaft. He swallowed it full length with utter satisfaction and licked it with startling technique and fervor. Within seconds he had drenched her face in a abrupt eruption which he felt shatter his body with a thunder of immense pleasure. She licked the sticky puddles from her cheeks and slowly creep back up his body to meet his eyes with a determined far away stare. "Fuck me she said with a raspy almost intoxicated whisper . His eyes watched her writhing body as she rubbed he dripping crotch against his pinned thigh. A sudden strange odor caught his attention as he saw the greenish residue left in her in rapture wakes trail.. Then he saw the bursting and crusty boils that surround horrid green lips.. the border where also caked with a thick black foam than bubbled and fizzed as it met the friction of his muscular leg. He was utterly sicken by the display and he put against the woman finely sculpted body. Her eyes b became emblazing with lust as she forced him to the hard ground with a unnaturally strong insistence. her eyes had lost that kind air that so entranced him before and was replaced by a utterly hollow and disturbingly familiar glance. His senses came back to him he must escape this and must do it before this creature in the form of a woman took what she so desired. He sent a fist to greet the soulless and hungry eyes of the so to be destroyed woman.and sent her sprawling into the small tent tearing it from its foundation and returning then to the cold dark blizzard. Dudley griped his ever present scythe with a quickness as the body of the woman rolled into a embankment wrapped in the rements of the fur tent. The Wind beat his naked body furiously yet he stood his ground scythe poised and ready to strike. The woman's crouching figure began to laugh wickedly head bowed and cloak in her dark locks with the tattered sheet fluttering wildly in the unforgiving winds. As Her echoing laughter seem to fill Dudley's already throbbing head he saw be for him the figure began to shift from a crazed woman draped in a tattered tend in to a crouch figure as black as the night surrounding him with head still bowed hair now a cloaked hood. From the darkness of the cloak a white skeleton hand came forth holding a exquisitely rendered scythe bladed with the darkest steel with what seemed to be pain stricken souls screaming down the length of its bleached bone shaft.. The shadow rose to standing or what seemed to be stand for it had no visible legs on which to stand. It still bowed head slowly rose to meet the gaze of the still and poised Dudley's face. The same hollow sockets tore across the span between them and shook our heroes nerves yet he held strong. There was a cold revernce about this being that radiated like a invisible force. Then A voice deep in our destroyers mind answered his determined stare Ò Well you have passed most of my test with flying colors for you show great strength and cunning agility and even the since to avoid wanted destruction. These are all traits death should have mastered for since are last battle I have watched you in your assumed death role and was very pleased, But now is the the real time the time of true testing for as all things even death must end, for I have reaped this existence for eons and have grown weary of my role so I wish to make you my retainer so I may fade into non existence like all else.Ó The Bone white expressionless face sudden closed there distance with a thought as Dudley pounced to avoid the curve of his fiendishly cruel looking weapon. He landed a few feet away expecting another strike as soon as he arrived on the ground yet it did not come. he looked up to see his attacker admiring his weapon Ò Do you know how I got this weapon, since you took my old one I warranted my charge Loki to get me the greatest craft men he could and guess who he found, go head guess!. "I don't know" Dudley said in a abrupt and completely confused manor fairly pissed at his attacker lazy attitude. Ò Well he got me The most skilled craftsman in this reality of yours The weapon maker of the old gods Vulcan himself to craft this stunning peace of hell for me, it has incrediable and pretty much limitless powers it can even puncture very reality itself how cool is that" the voice still grim and cold sound pretty up beat for death.

As soon as his guard became almost relaxed the weapon came slicing into the shaft of his weapon

splintering it into toothpicks. As fast as it took the shards to hit the soft snow Dudley had already griped the weapons shaft just before it continued its journey to split his torso in two. The power struggle was great. the cold face of death stared deep into the equally hard eyes of our dear destroyer The grip seemed to be a stalemate as both combatants held there balance of pushing and pulling. Sweat littered dud leys face as the stench of death rose from his attacker. Then as if time stood still a crack squeaked into existence on the bony fore arm of the ancient being. The bone shatter into bits of bone and dust and the speed of dud leys take over was instant he sent the stark bone shaft crashing into the still expressionless face of death braking his jaws in two send pieces to the ground. The being still held on to the weapon as dud leys second bladed strike split the cranium doe the center. The wind suddenly stood still and all fragments of snow vanished as the words Ò Thank you" echoed deep with in Dudley's head. the bone fragment fell to tumbled to the snow floor and crumbled to dust in the silence. The sun shown bright over head framed in the stunningly blue sky as Dudley examined the weapon in his hand that has been bestowed to him. The air suddenly turned tin and it became difficult to breathe. the pain suddenly erupted deep with in him as if his organ had turned to pure flame. The pain was enormous yet he could not even screen for his lungs seemed to have stopped their seemingly predictable habit of taking air. He dropped his weapon as he fell to the now melting snow covered ground. his body burned to its very core and blood trickled from his chapped and blistering mouth. The world seem to growing smaller or darker he couldn't tell.,. his mind slowly seemed to fading to the distance till all the world was encompassed in a small point of light in his vision Then came a sudden shatter of light that contained all that he held dear and all the had loved in his life visions of birthdays, drunken laughter and the faces of his friends and relatives , he was unquestionably happy...

(Fade to black)

The End

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