The Night

When the convention finally ended, and everything. Had been packed away, all these staying at Pia's began making their way there, either by foot, in the rain, or in the car. Ariana-Grace, Callum and James walked together, laughing and talking. 

Upon arriving at Pia's house, Ariana-Grace began to blush. As Pia was still sorting things out for the following day, she was the only girl there, and the majority of the boys had removed their wet shirts. 

Callum rolled his eyes, before jokingly covering Ariana-Grace's, making her giggle.

"Gosh, little Songbird, cover your innocent eyes!" She felt his warm breath brush the back of her neck, as he leaned his chin on her shoulder. She batted his hands away with a laugh. 

For the rest of the night, they watched movies, ate snacks, and played games. When it was time to sleep, all the girls were supposed to go upstairs, but Ariana-Grace, more comfortable with the boys, insisted on staying downstairs. She fell asleep, curled up among the boys, quite happily. 

The End

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