The Dance

Ariana-Grace led her partner pinto the middle of the room. She smiled, as he placed his hand on her shoulder blade, and clasped the other in his hand. They started by swaying slightly, before dancing properly. As the music built up, the young man spun her, making her laugh melodically. He smiled softly, before bringing her close again. 

"I'm Ariana-Grace." She told him. 

"I'm Callum. You look beautiful." 

The young woman giggled softly. He was quite forward, for someone who seemed so shy. She let her arms drape around his shoulders. He linked his around her waist.

"You're the first person I've ever danced with. I was hoping to dance with someone amazing." He told her, in a musing voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You're my first dance, too. You dance very well." She told him truthfully. He smiled at her bashfully. 

"I'm nothing compared to you." That comment made her blush. He was so sweet, if a little awkward. 

"So, where are you going after this?" She asked him. 

"With Pia. I'm working tomorrow in the games' room." He watched a smile light up on her face. 

"I'm working too! I'm the mascot, and I'll be helping with the convention competitions! I'm staying with Pia too!" She told him. He let out a chuckle, and she couldn't help but shiver. It was dark and evil-sounding, but quite attractive. 

"I suppose we'll get to know each other a little better, then, won't we?" 

The End

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