The Day

Once everyone got inside, James introduced himself, and told them that the first day was primarily to make friends. Throughout the day, everyone played games, sang karaoke, and generally had a laugh. Ariana-Grace hung around with her friends who had come along for the day, talking and smiling. 

"Alright everyone, it's time to dance. Waltzes and other music will be playing, so grab someone's hand, and start dancing!" James smiled from the stage. The girl gave a smile, before going to get changed. 

When she returned, wearing a gorgeous green strapless gown, with diamanté decorating her chest, along with bare feet, she crossed into the floor. She glanced about, to see if there was anyone not dancing. She spotted two, across the room from each other. She chose the one to her Right first. He had been sitting alone for most of the games. 

"Hi there. Would you like to dance?" She asked him. He glanced up. With long brown hair, a goatee and startling blue eyes, he gave her a nervous smile. 

"Maybe later. You look nice, by the way." He told her. She smiled, and gave him a small curtesy. She crossed to the other, still sitting alone. 

"Excuse me?" She asked. He glanced up at her.

"Yes?" Came the soft reply. She smiled. His voice was so soft. With dark brown, almost black hair almost covering one eye, he looked over a pair of glasses at her. She couldn't help but notice how gorgeous his eyes were. They were girlishly shaped, with short, dark lashes. She couldn't focus on the colour.

"W-would you care to d-dance?" She asked, holding out a hand. He looked up, as if asking with his eyes if she was joking. Then, seeing she was sincere, he smiled, and let his hand fall onto hers. 

"I'd love to."

The End

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