The Beginning

A few of the other staff looked at Ariana-Grace oddly as she picked up one of the stall tables, holding it, with one arm, against her shoulder, before asking the convention founder and her friend, Pia, where she wanted it. The older girl simply raised her eyebrows, before pointing.

"She sure is strong for such a little thing..." Pia's little brother, Ben, commented to one of the other staff, who nodded. She glared round at him, before going across the room, and hauling a table onto each shoulder. Ben's jaw dropped. 

"At least I'm not a pansy, like some people sitting on their butts all day, huh, Ben? And in a dress, no less." She said, before carrying the tables, and lining them up, where the rest of the stall holders would be. 

"Remind me never to get on the bad side of her." Ben's friend muttered. Ben nodded dumbly, making Pia giggle. As the stall holders arrived, Ariana-Grace did her best to help them set up, smiling sweetly, even fetching them tea from the cafe. 

"She's so sweet. I'm definitely glad she'll be working tomorrow." Pia smiled up at her 'second in command', James. He smiled, crossing his arms, watching the girl get her hair tied up into pigtails by one of the staff. She touched the red ribbons, and smiled, thanking them. She caught James watching her, and gave a shy smile, and a little wave. He smiled in return. 

"Alright everyone! We'll be opening in five minutes. James, you're on stage, Becky and Lou, you're at the doors! The rest of you...You're staff, do staffy stuff." She smiled. Ariana-Grace rolled her eyes and smiled. It was going to be a good day.

The End

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