The First Day

"Oi! Ari! Get up!" 

The newly turned sixteen year old Ariana-Grace grunted as she rolled over in bed, to prop herself up on one elbow, using the other to push her blond-brown hair from her cerulean eyes. 

"Come on!" Came the impatient call again. She growled in frustration, before hauling herself out of bed, squinting as her eyes met the early morning sun. Wearing shorts and a overly large t-shirt, she wobbled down the stairs on aching feet. 

She gave her mother a smile, who was already packed, dressed and ready to go, along with her girlfriend, who had come over from her own flat to leave with Ariana-Grace's mother. 

"We're off in a min. Make sure you eat and drink enough while we're gone, keep the place in order, and no boys in the house, alright?" She said, with a smile. The young woman rolled her eyes.

"I know, Ma, and since when do bring guys, or anyone in the house, for that matter?" She asked. Her mother shook her head and laughed, before two said their goodbyes, before leaving. Ariana-Grace smiled. The house was hers.

She showered, before drying her hair and curling it cutely, along dress getting dressed, into a red and black tartan corsetted dress, with petticoat underneath, a long with some white tights, and a pair of tartan dolly shoes. Placing her convention ID badge around her neck, and placing her dress for that evening into into a bag, she smiled, locked the door, and set off, to help with any last minute arrangements for the convention.

The End

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