The Years Gone By

Life for Ariana-Grace was pretty good, for the most part. She had a loving, funny mother, and a seemingly perfect father. They showered her with gifts when they could, and with their love when they couldn't. All the young girl could wish for was for her parents to stop fighting, and to have more friends. She didn't have many.

They fought at least once a week, that Ariana-Grace knew of, from when she was six, through the years. There were times where the young girl would sit at the top of the stairs, and listen to the adult nonsense she didn't understand, and others where she would lay in bed, crying softly, trying to ignore the shouting.

It was the day before her first exam, when she was fourteen, when her father walked out on them. Oh, how she glared through her painfully hot tears at him, as her mother wept against her shoulder. She watched him leave, and in that moment, she had never felt so much pain, or so much hatred for someone in her life. 

They got better, together. Ariana-Grace learned what her father had done, and had learned why he had left her mother. She became colder and colder to the man whom she had always loved, and looked to. She became closer to her mother, and was able to call her a friend, not just a parent. 

She gained more friends, and was able to laugh and smile, almost every day, thanks to them and her mother. She loved each and every one of them. 

She had become even happier, as she was to be working with one of her friends at a two-day anime convention, which she had been looking forward to all year. She was also getting the house to herself, as her mother and her girlfriend were going to watch a concert in London.

Yes, Ariana-Grace thought to herself, as she drifted to sleep, the day before the convention.  Yes, my life is good.

The End

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