To Betray a Friend

“Stop with the silence thing.  It’s not getting you anywhere.”

Mindie took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.  She brushed a lock of dark hair of her eyes with a nervous, but surprisingly steady hand.  She needed to say something—soon.  “What if I gave you an offer?  In place of the information that you want—better than the information you want.”

“If there was anything more important than the information we want, do you think we would have gone to all the trouble we did to locate and apprehend you?”

“Look.  I’ll be straight with you.” She then said a sentence that tore her in two with guilt and fear.  A sentence which she knew she must say.  It was one life or many.  One great risk that might, just might turn out ok, or condemn the masses to destruction.  Staying absolutely steady and showing none of the emotions that were scorching her soul, she spoke:

“If you agree to set me free without getting the information you are asking for, I will tell you exactly what you need to know to capture your arch-enemy, Eyse Rend.”

The man standing before her paused.  All movement left his body as he locked eyes with her for that brief second--registering what she had said.  He was a powerful, handsome man with a bold, sharp jaw line and fierce intelligent green eyes.  If Mindie was the kind of person who was attracted to a guy for his looks, she would definitely be attracted.  But as it was, she only liked a man if she liked who his was and what he stood for.  And this man stood for everything that she did not.

“You have yourself a deal.  Only you will not be released until Rend is in my hands.”

She had expected that.  It is what she would have done in his position.  She nodded, still refusing to show the guilt and shame that churned in her stomach at the betrayal of her friend.  He will survive.  She thought.  He always survives.  Always figures it out somehow.  But you are going to betray him.  Her thoughts hissed accusingly at her.  There is no other choice!  She defended.  But you are betraying the man who saved your life…who gave you your life for crying out loud!

The End

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