To Believe In Love Again

there is more than one type of love. there is the love from family, love from a girlfriend or boyfriend, and love from friends. sometimes you find it when,where, and hw you least expect it.

Rayya (ray-ah) Nelson has lived the last several years of her life depressed. Her life is slowly falling apart and she feels like she is

alone in the world, noone to be loved by or cared for by. That all changes when she meets Grady, the extremely good looking bad boy, who starts

showing an interest in her. She thinks life i turning around for her especially when she has a beautiful, healthy little girl. That is all short lived when

things end between her and Grady. She will do anything to give her daughter a better life even if it means starting over, alone once again. Can she

do it alone or will she accept help from another good looking guy and his friends who come to her rescue more than once.

The End

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