An Extremely Small Crab

I must find the dude with the great beard from The Little Mermaid, the shark resolved. As they swam through the dark ocean, the shark pondered about what that dude’s name is, for he may be more inclined to help the shark on their quest to become a girl if the shark called him by his name. It was while the shark was pondering this mystery that they happened upon a strange looking friend. “Hello, friend!” The shark called out.

The small friend that the shark had just greeted – who was, in fact, an Extremely Small Crab – turned around to see who had called upon them, but very quickly realised that the one who had done so was a shark. Now, sharks are particularly friendly creatures, but they look a bit menacing, no? Well, anyway, the little friend squealed in a very high pitched voice, and ran behind a rock. 

“Please! Small friend, I would like to ask you a question.” The shark begged the extremely small crab. In their desperation to get away, the Extremely Small Crab tried to scuttle away on their extremely small legs across the sea bed. This was pretty futile though, since the Extremely Small Crab was just an extremely small crab, and the shark was a shark, it was easy for the shark to drift along at the same pace as the Extremely Small Crab.

Panicked, the Extremely Small Crab shouted at the shark in their squeaky little voice, still scuttling along the sea bed at full speed, “WHAT DO YOU WANT? LEAVE ME ALONE! I HAVE A FAMILY TO FEED!” The Extremely Small Crab’s eyes were moving from side to side, searching for somewhere to hide and escape from the shark, but the shark didn’t quite understand the gesture.

“Please, I just want to ask you a question!” The shark smiled at the Extremely Small Crab. As you can probably imagine, this was a mistake. Sharks do not have very pleasant smiles, since they have like three layers of teeth. Anyway, the Extremely Small Crab shrieked, and squeezed itself into a small crack in the rocks that it had just managed to scuttle up to. The shark swam down and peered into the crack into which the Extremely Small Crab had disappeared. The shark could not see a sign of the Extremely Small Crab.

Disheartened, the shark sighed and continued on their journey to become a girl.

The End

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