A Very Large Octopus

One day, while swimming and swimming through the ocean on their quest to become a girl, the shark happened upon a Very Large Octopus. The Very Large Octopus was half hidden between two large rocks that were positioned in such a way that they made a sort-of cave. This is it! The shark thought excitedly, A sea witch! The shark quickly swam up to the Very Large Octopus and proclaimed, “Sea Witch, I have come to ask a favour of you.” The Very Large Octopus squinted at the shark with the creepy-ass eyes on either side of its squishy head.

“Who the heck are you calling a sea witch, barnacle brain?” The Very Large Octopus replied, in a deep, menacing voice. The shark was scared, for they had accidentally offended the sea witch, and now the sea witch was calling the shark nasty names. All the shark wanted was to become a girl! The shark did not want to be cursed for accidentally offending the sea witch before they managed to become a girl.

“Please, Sea Witch, all I have ever wished for is to become a girl!” The shark pleaded, hoping that their story would help to convince the Very Large Octopus to change their mind. At this, the Very Large Octopus started to move in such a way that they looked more like they were flopping; raising their tentacles to either side of the entrance to the sort-of cave. The shark started to feel intimidated, for the Very Large Octopus seemed to grow ten times in size now that they were no longer hidden by the space between the rocks.

Once the Very Large Octopus had come out of their cave, they made a noise that could only be described as screeching, and then shouted, “Begone, you imbecile! Do not return here!” 

And so, the shark left in a great hurry, and continued on their quest to become a girl.

The End

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