A Beginning

The story of a shark's quest to become a girl.

[Please note that this story, and all of the continuations of this story are silly exercises that I do when I have writers block. You should try it: write something really, really awful, and, if it works, you'll have more space in your mind to write something good.]

One day, at some time, in some place, there was a girl. Well, not a girl, a shark. Also it was in the sea, because where else do you get sharks? Not including Sea World. Sea World doesn’t count. Shut up. It was more than one day, too. It was lots of days. So many days. Anyway, back to the point. There was a shark: a shark who wanted to be a girl. 

The shark had seen so many girls in their life, and the shark loved girls. The shark loved girls so much that they wanted to turn into a girl. Preferably a pretty one, the shark thought. It would be ok if they weren’t pretty, though; they just wanted to be a girl. It’s not surprising that the shark wanted to be a girl. Girls are so great. Look at all the girls you possibly can. Look at their clothes. Look at their hair and their legs. Look at their cute faces. Look at the way they walk. And the way they talk. Girls are magical.

Anyway: the point. This shark really wanted to be a girl, so they decided that they would go on a special quest to become a girl. The shark began their quest by leaving home, as one would have to do to go on an adventure. They swam and swam through the ocean, day and night, to find a sea witch, or that dude with the awesome beard from The Little Mermaid, that could, or would, turn them into a girl.

They swam for days and days. The shark was tired. Have you ever tried swimming for days? That is tiring. No wonder the shark was tired. But the shark was determined that they would get to become a girl.

And so, the story of this shark's adventure to become a girl begins.

The End

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