Chapter 10Mature

Chapter 10

Mariana had packed the final blood pack into Harry's car, and the two of them were off to the forest far away from the town. The entire week had past with Mariana and Harry living their lives, each moment them enjoying each others company more and more. Neither Mariana or Harry had spent much time expressing their feelings for each other, as they are saving their emotions for today. Mariana is going to rock Harry's world, and Harry is going to confess what Mariana has wanted all along. They are more than just fuck buddies, they are reluctant soulmates, and forever they are bound. As Mariana drunk a blood pack, savoring its sweet and tangy flavor, Harry told her,

“I now feel such a connection to the woods. Thank you for showing me who I am, Mari.”

Mariana smiled, reveling in the fact that she, after all these years, had done good to one person. She replied to Harry,

“It’s.....because I care so much about you. You already mean the world to me, Harry.”

Harry kept his eyes on the road as he smiled big, and replied to Mariana as they passed the truck stop,

“You’re the only one who thinks that.”

“The mother cares about you too, Harry. You know she exists. Why not love her like she does you?”

There she goes with the love word again. Mariana knew how foolish her sisters would of thought she is being, but she wholeheartedly loves Harry and everything about him, too. She has always been lost, but this time, it is a good kind of lost. She is lost in him.

“I do love her. It’s....just so much to understand.”

“She and I will teach you, Harry. You have nothing to fear.”

Mariana drained another blood pack, and then they were there, next to the woods. They traveled until they found a shady area, in which Mariana collapsed, and Harry sat down next to her. Mariana asked,

“Harry....can I....uh....”

Harry moved his collar aside, and Mariana uttered 


She kissed him and did sensual sucking and licking on his neck as she tasted from his fount. She took so much, and when she broke the embace, she asked Harry,

“You are okay, right?”

Harry caught his breath, and told Mariana,

“I am okay.....just a little exhausted.”

Mariana handed him a sandwhich she made that she had kept hidden from Harry.

“Eat up. I got another one and some orange juice too if you like.”

He ate the loaded spinach on rye sandwich, enjoying every bite. Harry kept thinking of what he had bought her, hoping she'd like it. When he had finished what has became his favorite sandwich (Mariana had been making it each day for him to take to work with him. It’s strange that the best cook in the world would be a vampiric witch.) They sat together for awhile, enjoying the cool air and the life all around them. Harry finally gained his courage, and brought out what he had been hiding from Mariana.

“I want you to have this, Mari.”

It was a ring with a large ruby set in it.

“Harry? How could you....”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t place a price tag on love.”


“Yes, Mariana, I love you.”

Mariana smiled, and started to cry. 

“Oh god, Harry. I love you too.”

They hugged, and it were as if Mariana had found the one place she finally belongs. She belongs inside of Harry’s heart. She kissed him deep, and then slipped the ring on.

“It really is pretty, but not as good lookin’ as you, Harry. Come on. Let’s go home.”

They exited the woods as the sun set, and went on home. They traveled in silence, and listened to the air coming through the open car window. Harry seemed happy, although he saw his feral side attempting to take over. They stopped at the truck stop to gas up, and Harry was looking at a man in a tanktop and baggy jeans who was begging for money. Mariana knew he was trying to get enough money to buy some crack, and Mariana said to Harry, ever so quietly,

“Kill that crack head.”

Harry lunged forward, grabbing the hoodlum and carrying him over his shoulder away from the truck stop. When they were out of view, Harry in his feral form tore open the bum’s neck, instantly killing him. Before he changed back, Harry devoured some of the man’s exposed flesh. When he was satisfied, Harry ran back to his car, climbing in and changing in the backseat into new clothes. They quickly went home, and when they were indoors, Mariana asked,

“What did you do with the man’s body?”

Harry grinned, and then told Mariana,

“I threw him in the road so they would think he was roadkill.”

Harry slept quietly that night, and Mariana kept staring at the ring.

“It must of cost his whole entire paycheck.”

When the morning started to come, Mariana woke him up with a blowjob, taking his dick deep into her throat. After Harry was ready to fuck he pounded her hard, making her lean over the bed. The sex was incredible: it was the first man Mariana had fucked who loved her. She moaned and looked over her shoulder as he took her hard and deep. When she cried out from orgasm, she came all over his cock. Harry then gave her a moneyshot, blowing tons of cum all over her face. She licked as much of the Harry’s sauce off of her face, and then kissed Harry on the lips. 

“I love you Harry. You are mine.”

“I love you too, Mari. I’m so hungry now.”

“I wore you out, huh?”

“Yeah. You are the best, baby.”

Mariana and Harry eventually got married. Five years after they were married, the ghosts of Mariana's sisters appeared, telling Mari it was okay if she preserved her mate. Harry became a hybrid, both feeder and changer. Mariana finally knew the joy that it was to feel the embrace as a victim. They lived forever, both hunting and feeding while loving each other endlessly.


The End

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