Chapter 9Mature

Chapter 9

“A horrible pattern of heartlessness and depression. I fed off any human I liked and then went home to mourn over my dead sisters. I thought if I kept them in my mind then they would live on. Oh, but I was so wrong. It wasn’t until the 1960s that I accepted their absence, as well as my true nature. I realized fully that I would live forever if I chose to. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to find someone who loves and cherishes me. I pray to my gods that you will be the one, Harry.”

“I hope that I can love you too, Mariana. It’s there....I just need a little more time before I can fully know that I love you. Please, you have to understand.”

“I do, Harry. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

“I’m glad, Mari.”

Harry looked at the time on the wall clock (a cute wooden one that looked very antiquatated. Harry really does have good taste) and asked Mariana,

“Can we go out tonight? I want to try and control my feral side. We could go to the drive-in....”

“Sounds great. For the life of me I thought they tore the drive-in down like America does with anything that reminds them of the past.”

“Okay, let’s go. We will have to get there before 8 p.m.”

Mariana and Harry hurried to the car, and drove while listening to Harry’s station on the radio. When they arrived at the drive-in, few were there. The old horror pictures were never popular in this town. Harry parked in one of the middle rows and went to go fetch soda and popcorn. Mariana fixed her hair and thought of how romantic this really is. She is going to make this movie one that Harry will remember forever. When Harry returned, he sat down and they waited patiently for the film to start.

“Oh great. Another corny vampire film.”

Mariana remarked, thinking of the irony that the vampire in the film was a girl. Mariana watched the movie, mildly interested. She was more concerned about taking advantage of both Harry and his fancy tinted windows. As the vampiress on the film bit into yet another human, Mariana took the chance to start fiddling with Harry’s belt and pants. Harry did not resist, and Mariana freed his cock and bent over to suck it. Harry moaned quietly, and Mariana serviced him, licking his dick’s underslide while she sucked on his growing manhood. Mariana grabbed at it, deep throating it, nearly making Harry come. As the precum seeped into Mariana’s mouth, she backed off, letting Harry’s dick go nearly limp again. Mariana put Harry’s seat back, and mounted him, using her powers to conceal Harry’s now bouncing car. Mariana hopped slowly on Harry’s dick until Harry’s licking of her tits turned her on even more, her pussy getting hot and wet. Mariana and Harry could feel the car creak and rock as Mariana got closer and closer to her orgasm. When Harry finally gave in and shot his cum far up and into Mariana’s snatch, Mariana also matched his orgasm, covering her mouth to stifle her scream of pleasure. Mariana collasped on Harry and rolled off off him, pulling up her short skirt and black underwear.

“God, Mariana. This already the best date I’ve ever been on.”

Mariana laughed, and replied,

“Mine too. You’re the only man who has really taken me on dates before.”

Mariana and Harry watched the last bit of the film in silence, driving home at about eleven-thirty. When they made it back to Harry's place, Harry collapsed on the couch, and before he could fall asleep, Mariana told him,

“Good job in controlling your bloodlust. You did amazing, my Harry.”

“ kept me distracted.”

“Give yourself some credit, Harry. You are already so strong in the mother’s eyes. She always loves and provides for her children.”

Harry then fell asleep, dreaming of what the forest would be like in the sun. Harry, even in his dream, realized that in his 9-to-5 life he may never see nature during the daytime again. Harry quickly woke up, and told Mariana,

“The next time I have a day off, Mariana, I want to see the forest. Can you survive in the sun?”

“Not for long, unless I constantly feed off of blood.....”

“Then I'll be packing sugar cookies. I want to confess to you something, but it has to be done in the forest during the day.”

“Okay, Harry, and don’t worry. I....uhh.....have stolen several pints from the blood bank for years.....”

“Then it is settled. A week from now we will go to the forest. There I will tell you how I feel.”

Mariana smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I'll look forward to it.”

Mariana was so relieved that Harry didn't object to her theft of the blood from the blood bank. She saw it as necessary over the years to keep her from harming humans. Harry fell back to sleep, and Mariana laid next to him on the ground, wishing that he was down here with her. Mariana had worn him out, so she blames herself. She secretly wishes he was a feeder too. This difference of sleeping schedules makes her feel alone. Mariana would do anything to run away with him. She wishes that she and Harry could drive one way and keep going until they find their own paradise. However, Mariana knows her wish of finding an utopia for the two of them is truly a fairy tale. It’s funny how she is real but the love stories you see in movies are far from reality. For now, Mariana will hold onto Harry. She will never leave him, and she prays that he won't either. Life is lonely enough without any friends, and it be hell without him. Harry has her heart. She wants his, and will give him anything he pleases. She only wishes that she could perform the ritual that her sisters did on her to make him a feeder, but she knows she can't. A changer who is also a feeder would be too hard to fathom. But god.....Mariana wants Harry to be with her forever, and now she knows, after all these years, what it is to love.

The End

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