Chapter 8Mature

Chapter 8

“We are going to learn how to control your bloodlust tonight, Harry.”

“Okay....I just hope I can....”

“I did, Harry. It takes a little while but you have to learn quick. It is a small town, after all.”

Mariana and Harry left the house on foot and proceeded to downtown. Everywhere Harry looked amongst the bars and the hookers he saw victims. Every single one he yearned to kill. Mariana saw him start to change, and she told Harry,

“Don’t. You’d have to kill them all to protect your secret. You don’t want to do that, do you?”

Harry looked away from the people of the town, and reverted back to plain old Harry. He embraced Mariana and whispered,

“No, no I don’t. I just want you, baby......they taunt me though.”

Some of the people smoking jn front of the bars were staring at the two, and Mariana led Harry away from them and into an alley. A man was being mugged by a man with a sharp knife who was wearing a leather coat and jeans. The thief saw the two of them, and yelled,

“Get out of here!”

Mariana told Harry in a hypnotic tone,

“Kill him.”

Harry changed rapidly and he grabbed the robber and threw him against the alley’s wall, splitting open the ruffian’s head. He bled to death quickly, and the man who was being mugged told Harry before he ran away,

“Thank you so much!”

Harry changed back, and Mariana congratulated him solemnly,

“Death may be ugly, but you helped him and several people in the future. Good job on killing that filthy thief. Come on, Harry. Help me put his body in the dumpster.”

After they had hid the body and made sure that there were none of their prints on him, they walked back to the bars. Mariana led Harry toward the pub where they had met. Harry asked,

“Do you ever want to go back in there again? We were two broken souls....god, Harry. Don’t you hate this world?”

“Yes.....and my bloodlust has already been satisfied. Let us go back home, Mari.”

Mariana wondered if he had started to become more dominant. The acceptance of becoming a changer can make even the weakest of men into leaders. Honestly, it was turning Mariana on quite a bit. When they had walked the long way home Harry sat down on the couch, and started to stare at the wall. Mariana, however, left him there and went to lie down on the bed on her stomach. Mariana waited paitiently until Harry appeared behind her. Mariana lifted her ass into the air, and asked Harry,

“Harry, can you show me what it is like to be taken by a strong man? I has been forever....”

Harry pulled down her skirt and panties, tossing them aside. Harry had been hard from the moment he saw Mariana’s tail end in the air, and he slid in softly but quickly, making Mariana gasp. He started slowly, spanking Mariana’s ass, giving her a stinging senasation, much to her liking. Harry held her in place as he started to really hammer deep and fast into her wet pussy, their bodies slapping together. Harry grunted over how Mariana’s soft pussy felt on his monsterous dick. Mariana came all over Harry’s dick but Harry kept on going, making her come twice more. Harry then pulled out of Mariana and Mariana turned around, grabbing his dick and putting it in her mouth. She stroked Harry while sucking hard on his head. Harry’s hot cum released into her mouth, and Mariana drunk all of it as Harry moaned. Mariana then licked the remaining jizz off of her lips, and put her clothes back on. Harry did the same, and they laid next to each other, Mariana wrapping her legs and arms tightly around him, wishing Harry didn't have to go to work in the morning.

“Harry....I'll miss you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, but it is okay, Mari. After I get back tomorrow I'll have a day off to spend time with you.”

Mariana found herself smiling.

“I'm glad.”

Harry fell asleep quickly, and Mariana spent her whole night by his side, studying him and thinking of what the future might hold. Mariana felt as if she was being silly. Although her body never gets weak and old she is still unable to bear children. No feeder witch is allowed to reproduce by the mother’s decree. She knows how bad it would be if a child is born from a feeder, so she restricted all of the feeder witches bodies from giving birth. Even still, Mariana would love to have Harry for a mate. She kissed Harry on the lips as he slumbered, and felt the morning drawing near. She released her tight grasp on Harry, and fell asleep by his side. When she woke up next, Harry and the night had already begun.

“Hey Mari. I hated being at work. It sucks being away from you.”

“I hear you, Harry. Man....I’m hungry.”

Harry went in the kitchen and brought out a vegan sandwhich, having lettuce, tomato, and onions on it, topped with spinich leaves on rye.

“Oh god, doesn’t that look good.”

Both of them ate and drunk in silence, enjoying the sandwiches and red wine that Harry had brought from the fridge. After they had finished the sandwich, Mariana asked Harry,

“How old is this wine? It is amazing!”

“I've had it for five years. I was originally saving it for a special occasion, but I figured hey, what the heck.”

“Oh, well it is good.”

“Good. I’m so tired, Mariana, but I am going to stay up for you.”

Harry took another drink from his cup, and continued,

“I took the job a few years back because I wanted to work in what I loved, music. However, so many years later, I wonder what my job has to really do with music.”

“A lot of us get stuck in a rut, Harry. In fact, let me tell you a story of my own. For decades I was stuck in a horrible pattern....”

The End

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