Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7

“Harry, what happened?”

“I went....I went hunting....”

“For humans?”

“Yes....I killed some thugs in an alley and a man who was trying to kidnap a woman....”

“God, Harry. That's.... Wonderful!”

“Really? Then why do I feel so bad about it?”

“The first blood you take is always the worst. I have accidentally killed humans while feeding before....and they weren't even criminals. It was awful for me each time, but....I couldn't let them escape.”

“I understand. Mariana, I am going to go shower....”

Mariana dropped her skirt and ripped off her underwear. She took her top off quickly, and told Harry,

“Sounds great. I'll join you.”

Mariana and Harry rushed into the shower, with Mariana putting the hot water on to a minimum. Harry kissed her intimately, groping at Mariana’s ample and perky tits. Mariana’s pussy tingled, and she dropped to her knees. Mariana put her lips tightly around Harry’s rock hard dick, and started to slowly slide her mouth and tongue up and down it. The steam gathered from both the shower and their love act, with Harry releasing his throbbing knob from Mariana's mouth, himself pushing her against the wall of the shower. Mariana wrapped her legs around Harry’s waist, and he proceeded to bang Mariana against the wall. Mariana’s hot and wet pussy seeped all over Harry’s dick, and she accepted each of his hard thrusts against the wall, loving the pleasure and the little bit of pain that went with it. Mariana came, and dug her sharp nails into Harry’s back. Harry then let her down from the wall, and Mariana surprised him with her flexibility, putting her heel on Harry’s shoulder. Harry then matched each of the still horny Mariana’s thrusts, and they quickened the pace, as the tightness of Mariana’s twat made him cum so quickly. Mariana, who had another orgasm, screamed a bit, absorbing all of the intense sexual energy, feeding off of it. Both of them quickly soaped up and shampooed their hair, and left the bathroom after they had dressed. Mariana took some tomato juice out of the fridge, and commented to Harry,

“I can feed off of sex. It keeps me from drinking too much blood.”

“I wish it were the same for me. I still have this primal urge to hunt humans.”

“Oh, it can't be all that bad, can it? The cops would never believe a coyote man was slaying their marks, would they? It's one hell of a moral dilemma, though.....”

Mariana drunk her glass of tomato juice and sat down in the living room next to Harry. Harry held his head in his hands, trying to not think about the thrill of killing criminals. He couldn't get it out of his mind. Harry has never believed, at least when he was human, that a criminal should live after all that they do, but he is debating this subject as he has became something more than human, a changer. 

“Don’t beat yourself up, Harry. Over time your instincts and urges will be easier for you to control.”

Harry thought about her words, and he realized what is really important. Mariana is still here with Harry. She was the only one worth fighting for. Harry did not know why such a powerful and enticing woman like Mariana would ever want him, but either way he felt like the luckiest man on earth. Harry smiled, and put his arms around Mari, giving her a long kiss. Mariana laid his head in her lap, and told him,

“Rest, Harry. You have a long path ahead of you. Sleep, my darling.”

Mariana had known this trick for awhile. It only works on her thralls (ones she has fed on.) There is no resisting it, either. Any thrall that Mariana tells to sleep instantly falls unconcious. It was just one of the many puzzle pieces that is Mariana. She is hoping that Harry will be the first person she romantically loves, but she is not quite to that point yet. She stroked Harry's head, and listened to his stereo that was so nice that it had a small remote that had been left on the coffee table by Harry. She just left it on the station he works at, traveling to the past with all her fond memories of the jazz music of decades long gone. She remembered all the strange people back then when she lived in Philadelphia. Everyone knew what she was there but was too afraid to bring their allegations forward. She had no friends then, and it was the last city she had made love in. Now she had broken her curse of leading a loveless life. Whatever she feels in her heart for Harry is quickly growing.

When Harry rose from his slumber it was eight in the morning. Harry realized what time it was, and hurried out the door. Mariana fell asleep just after Harry had told her goodbye. Mariana's rest was haunted by the spirits of her past. She saw her long passed sisters, and they had a message for her,

“Don't give up on this boy. Raise him up in the mother and the mother will raise you up.”

Mariana’s sisters disappeared, and she woke up. The night was quickly coming, and Harry had not returned. She looked out the window, and then realized Harry should be home by now. Mariana went out the front door, and to her great relief she found Harry staring up at the setting sun.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Harry put his arm around Mariana, and replied,

“Sure is, Mari.”

Mariana asked Harry, in a deep intimate tone,

“Where do we go from here?”

Harry sighed, replying with,

‘I don’t know. I do know, however, we are in too deep.”

Mariana laughed, trying to lighten the mood,

“That’s always where I want you, Harry. In deep....”

They kissed, and Mariana embraced him, kissing him sharply. Mariana had gone long enough without blood. Harry squirmed and writhed while moaning quietly. Mariana drained him slowly. When she had almost all she could she released him, satisfied. She told Harry, 

“Good news. I had made you a mango smoothie earlier. I hope you like it. Now, go eat. You need to regain your strength, lover.”

The End

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