Chapter 1Mature

Mariana, an immortal witch, has not had a lover in so long. Now, dressed all in black, she meets Harry, and gets, to her pleasure, more than she bargained for.

Chapter 1

Mariana was greatly depressed as many years had passed since she once knew love. She pled to the gods that she could know it once more, as her life had became nothing but charms and incantations, her belief that it would bring her a new lover. Alas, this has been far from reality, as time had elapsed, herself being one-hundred and seventy-four now. Mariana is what we call a “feeder” witch, or one who feeds off life force in various ways to prolong her life to indefinite extents. Mariana had sunk so low that she had even considered resurrecting a dead person to love her, but her shreds of morality that she held onto kept her away from necromancy. As she neared the local pub in her leather skirt and vest, she checked herself in her compact, revealing her fiery red hair, its length hidden in her hairstyle, and her dark green eyes showing her mystery and desire. Mariana walked into the bar, and every man noticed her, each of them lustful over her body that looked just as it did when she became a feeder at the age of twenty-seven. None of the men at the bar were of interest to her, though, except for one sitting at the back of the bar. She came up to him, and asked,

“Want some company, darling?”

The man had brown hair, of medium length, and blue eyes that hinted at depression. His clothes were dark and out of place for a pub like this. He was barely able to muster,

“Sure. My name is Harry.”

Mariana smiled, and sat down next to Harry. She said to him,

“And I am Mariana. Won't you buy a drink? I don't really have any money, and I am just oh so lonely, my dear....”

Harry did not know what to do with himself. He quickly went to the bar and came back with two bottles of ale, it being the most expensive of its kind. Mariana greedily took it out of his hands, and laughed,

“Don't worry. You won't have to get me drunk first. My practices have been so hard on me, and I would just love to relieve myself of a little....uh....tension....”

Harry was intrigued.


Mariana coughed, and said in a low tone that only Harry could hear,

“Yes...I am a, uhh....witch. It’s okay if you don’t believe me, because hey, you know I am pretty....I can tell by the way you look at me....”

Harry blushed, his dark makeup not able to cover it up. Mariana tried her best to rid the two of the awkward moment,

“So, Harry. How old are you?”

“ I know, I don’t really look like I am that old....”

Mariana laughed.

“Oh mercy, you are a child. You are something else, Harry. I need to teach you so many things. But....we need to get out of here. Do you have a car? Because....I’d love to see your place.”

Harry tried to hide his smile.

“I do. It’s not too far from here, too....”

Harry and Mariana went to his car, which was a black coupe. Mariana wondered where he could make enough money to buy such a vehicle, as Harry didn’t strike her as the go-getter type. They drove in near silence until they made it to his place, which was a small house in a quiet neighborhood. When Mariana got out of the car, she exclaimed,

“Wow! You live here?”

“Yes, yes. I hope you can feel....very comfortable here.”

Mariana laughed in a flirty way, and replied to Harry,

“Oh baby, god yes....I will feel very comfortable here...”

They went in, and Mariana wasted no time. She grabbed Harry by the collar of his black jacket, amazing Harry at her physical strength. She kissed him deep, and whispered,

“I want to fuck you and drink your blood at the same time. I’d love nothing more to use you, over and over again....”

Harry then kissed her, sucking on Mariana’s tongue. He took her into his bedroom, where Mariana shoved him onto the bed, slipping quickly out of her vest, skirt, and finally her undergarments. Harry quickly did the same, and Mariana proceeded to suck his cock, deep throating Harry’s ample-sized hard manhood. Harry nearly came in Mariana's mouth, and Mariana backed off until he went limp again, torturing Harry.

“I want you to moan my name, Mari.....”

She then gave Harry a handjob until he was hard again, and Mariana rode him hard, coming twice before he came. She licked up his cum, and swallowed it. It didn’t stop there, though. Mariana sucked on his neck with Harry still inside of her, kissing him. The blood started to flow from his neck, and Harry moaned in an euphoric state. When Mariana had her fill of Harry’s tasty blood, Harry came again, as did Mariana, her moist hot cum oozing all over Harry’s exhausted dick. She then lapped up both her and Harry’s cum, and Harry cried out,

“What are you, Mari?”

“Your fucking dream...and nightmare. I can’t go back to my home....can I stay here?”

“Of course. Just please, me your world.”

Harry passed out, and Mariana laid there awake, watching the ceiling, lost in her head until the sun came up. She then went into a near death-like slumber, and when she rose again she felt young, all thanks to Harry. Mariana French kissed him, and told him,

“Good evening, darling. I’m glad you didn’t kick me out last night. Now, Harry, please tell me, it’s a small town, after all. How long have you had your eyes on me?”

Harry smiled, and told her,

“For way too damn long.”

Mariana laughed.

“Good. Now, what about my world do you want to know? You are my first lover in fifty years. Can you believe that?”

Harry laughed quietly,

“Somehow, yes....”

“Good, Harry. I want to make you mine...and one day, if you are will drink my blood too....”

The End

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