The End

    The night of the 28th day approaches, and Adriannea sneaks away from Camilla, for she is too afraid to say goodbye. She approaches the stairwell that leads to the water, and spots the gleam of Caspellia’s eyes. She walks into the water, and lets her dearest sister embrace her. The end of her era was at hand, and she had only the last hours of darkness left until her body would manipulate back. Adriannea was ready to accept her fate, like Oceao and his sons, she was ready to fade away and become a part of the ocean.

    Caspellia clutches her and cries underwater, calling to the other sisters. They wait in silence, wrapped tightly together, Adriannea’s soft flesh bruising from the pressure. Adriannea weeps, her voice rasping as she takes in air. She has always taken her life for granted, never contemplating the end of herself, and now that the close was nigh, she regretted wasted time. Time that she could have spent with her sisters, or with her father.

    The sisters show up one by one, the night progressing even closer to the morning. A tiny drip of blood forms between her legs, and then another, and another. The marking of the last grains in the hourglass. The sisters mass together, and pull Adriannea slowly under the water as her human form gives way. She can feel her gills splitting open, her legs fusing together. She takes a breath from the water, but it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t taste the same as air, not as sweet or uncorrupted. The water tastes like eternity, like the entire world recycled over and over again. She can feel every generation, every creature, every plant, every emotion, in every breath. It was overbearing. And on top of it all, she can sense Nevio far far away, the tires on the pavement, the determination in his soul. He was on his way, she can feel it now. He was returning to the castle; for her. She can sense his journey, his sacrifice to be with her…
    Adriannea frees herself from her sisters, and swims to the bottom of the ocean. They would never let her go if they knew. She looks for a stone, not a special stone, but a sharp one. Once she finds it, she holds onto it tightly. She must swim quickly, before her sisters catch up. She returns to the castle. How long had it been since she became a mermaid again? She can feel Nevio searching the grounds for her, it has been nearly a day since he returned, and nearly five since she departed. She swims to the breakwater, and wraps her long hair around the stone. She refuses to endure an eternity without true love, or lasting ambience. The world through her immortal eyes was a dull, and monotonous place. Adriannea waits for a break in the waves, then she tugs at her makeshift blade, and feels her hair cut against the stone. When the next wave hits her, she disappears into a million tiny pieces of white sea foam, shattering against the breakwater.

    It is said that the ocean outside the castle is always warm, and the waves break slowly and evenly. But when Nevio, or any of his children, or his children’s children visit their inherited castle, the waves push and foam and sometimes even reach the steps of the castle. It is said that those waves are a lost lover, reaching out desperately for the one she loved so greatly, always reaching, and falling back in defeat.

The End

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