If we could only live on 'What Ifs'...

    Deep amid the heart of Italy, enclosed by trees, buildings, and entirely out of Adriannea’s reach, Nevio drives desperately fast along the Carrenni speedway. It has been three weeks since he finally met his muse, and he had spent most of his time locked away in a hotel room in Venice, drinking Absolute and writing abstract poetry. His phone rings, and after looking at the caller, he reluctantly answers the call. He is ready to make his choice.
    “Hello?” he asks, knowing very well whom is calling him.
    “Nevio! Where have you been?” the voice on the other end of the receiver sounds worried, insecure. “Three weeks ago you went to the hotel to tie up the loose ends in the contract. I called the castle Nevio, Camilla told me you refused the buyers’ offer. I don’t understand…”
    “Blossom, sweetheart,” Nevio can barely say the words with devotion, he can feel the dryness in his compliments, the feigned extol. “I am heading to the house as we speak. Can this wait until then? I will be a half hour, at most.”
    “No more than an hour?”
    “No. Don’t worry Clarhys; I’m speeding. Give Giselle a kiss for me,” he says, and hangs up.

    Clarhys and Giselle live in one of Nevio’s homes. In the other house Nevio keeps pieces of his past, entities of a time when he was wholesome and free. But in this one, exists a world rooted in the earth. Clarhys was a soul borne from the dirt. She keeps the house humid, and inside exists a jungle of tropical fauna. She did not enjoy vacationing, or taking impromptu quests into the unknown. Nevio has always insisted that he did not marry Clarhys for her extensive fortune, or beauty. Although he had persuaded her well enough, he could never fully convince himself.
    Giselle on the other hand was more like her father, airy and distracted. She reminded Nevio of himself, and from her mother she had taken nothing but beautiful looks. At the age of seven she was already showing an interest in painting, and excelled at it, artistically dismissing her own frail beauty.

    Nevio parks his vehicle, and stays inside of it for a moment. This is a world of his own creation that he had never really wanted, he loved Giselle and regretted nothing in her creation, but what if.

    What if…

    What if he had gone out and met with Adriannea in the water. What if he called to her, insisting that she stay. What if that Adriannea had come to him sooner. He waited a long time. A time in which he lost himself to many things, madness being one. Every fibre of his being had wanted Adriannea, so of course, in her absence, his desires transpired to other woman. And one woman, with nothing special to lay claim to, had desired more from Nevio. He believed it was a fluke of nature, fate pushing him to move on, but Clarhys had lied to her naïve lover.

    Nevio steps out of the car. He has not rehearsed what he will say, nor has even thought about what to declare first. But there is one thing he knows he will demand, and that is independence. Nevio knows what he will be giving up and he is more than willing, Adriannea is too precious to lose.

    But something that Nevio does not know, is  that the days had been spinning past faster than he perceived in his haze. Adriannea had only one day left to lose.

The End

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