Concrete Dreams

    Adriannea does not notice dusk creeping slowly upon her and Camilla, she is too busy, caught up in the pursuit of tiny red hearts hidden under vines and leaves.

    “I’m going to head in,” Camilla says. “I’ll see you in the morning?” Adriannea nods her head.

    She returns to her room just in time. As soon as she closes the door she hears a knock. Nevio is on the other side, holding a bouquet of wild roses. Adriannea takes them in, discarding the scent of the orange body wash. She knew of nothing before that could smell as gentle and sweet as this. Nevio opens his arms to hug her, and at first she shies away, forgetting the customary embrace. She reluctantly opens her own arms, and lets him wrap his arms around her, hoping that she will not melt at his touch.

    They eat in silence, uninvolved with anything else going on around them. They take their time, consuming their meals slowly, never once taking their eyes off each other. The sun sets around them, but they take no notice. Nevio thoughtlessly lights candles at the table, not because he can no longer see his food, but those eyes. He needed to be able to look into Adriannea’s perfect green eyes.

    When they finish eating, Nevio stands and takes Adriannea’s hand. His skin is hot, and comforting. Adriannea sighs silently, and wonders just how fast would she be talking if she had her voice… Maybe it was better this way. Nevio leads Adriannea through the garden, which is lit up at night by tiny fairy lights. He pauses for a moment, and looks down at their feet. Adriannea had not yet found herself a pair of shoes, and had not wanted to. He lets go of her hand, and removes his sandals. The walk on through the garden, Adriannea stopping at every flower to capture its’ scent. He waits patiently, watching her as she tip-toes around the flowerbeds, curving her body around bushes to collect the scents of the most beautiful flowers sitting in hard to reach places. He has an idea, and grabs her hand again. They walk to stairs that lead to the water. From behind one of the columns Nevio grabs a cane, and sits down. He motions for Adriannea to do the same next to him.

    “This used to belong to my father. Before his death he had troubles walking, and he used this cane to get around. Sometimes he would come here to think. One of the only things we had in common.” Nevio takes the staff, and dips it into the water. Where the pole leads, the water bursts in tiny emissions of cold green light.

    “We call it bioluminescence… It looks just like your eyes,” Nevio says to Adriannea. “It was a very long time ago… Too long maybe. You are so fresh in your beauty, ageless almost. I saw you in the water, your eyes were a beacon, and your voice an inspiration. It was so long ago, so many things have happened in the years that passed. I waited for you, hoped for you day and night. You did not come, not until now.” Nevio sighs. “I almost didn’t believe that you were real,” he takes Adriannea’s face in his hands, and gently presses his nose against hers. “But here you are. Tangible, flawless, I can feel you tremble at my touch. For five years I wanted nothing more than this. Nothing more. I wanted you…” Adriannea looks up at Nevio through her eyelashes, barely breathing. She can see something inside Nevio which is holding him back, his eyes look pained. She finally accepts that time has passed, and he has aged since she last saw him. They sit like statues, taking one another in. Nevio is inundated Adriannea. The scent of her, the memory of her voice wandering over the water, aimed precisely at him. He runs his hands through her silken hair, and finds himself captured within her gaze, a expression worth a thousand words. Every reason to stop disappears, and what before had held him back is no longer strong enough. He leans in just a bit closer, and presses his lips against hers.

The End

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