Pursuaded By the Power of Strawberries

   Nevio instantly recognizes the pale green eyes from the night he had spent late at the beach. He had thought it was a dream. A perfect, ethereal dream where things that are only the flights of imagination exist. But here she was, nearly child-like in her perfection. Her long hair billowed out to her waist, and had a soft wave similar to the swells of the ocean. This was his muse who he had seen so long ago. To Adriannea it had felt like only days, a week at most, but she had remained in sadness on the west coast for years and years. Many things in his life had changed since that unfaultable night. Back then he had been a young and foolish man, still rebellious to his fathers' rule.
    Adriannea opens her mouth to speak, but forgets about the loss of her voice. She points to her throat, and Nevio sees the scar. Could this have been the woman who sang to him?
    "Where you once a singer?" he asks her, grasping her hands in his. Adriannea is stunned by the feeling of her hands within his. The warmth, nerves tingling like a swarm of bees, there was no such thing as sensitivity in the water. She nods her head, and their eyes meet. That blue, a colour that could have only been stolen from the sky. Tears well up in her eyes, he recognizes her, he seems amazed by her. But he pulls away, and turns towards the door. "You haven't touched the breakfast that Camilla left for you. Please, go ahead." Adriannea looks to it, and then turns away. How could she eat at a time like this? "I must leave now, but I was wondering, perhaps you would accompany me to dinner tonight?" Adriannea nods her head fiercely. He smiles, and leaves the room.

    Adriannea turns to her breakfast. Bread, a portion of bree and gouda, some olives, apple slices, strawberries and medallions of Italians' finest sausage. She knows the idea behind eating, what her new body will do when she chews and swallows the food, but this is the first time that she has ever enjoyed the nourishment. The strawberries alone leave her breathless, and she devours the entire basket of food.
    After eating, she wanders her room finding more fascinating items. When she manages to turn on the television, she sits captivated for the rest of the morning. She pulls one of the sheets from the bed and tightly wraps herself inside, finding familiarity in the pressure and heat. She nods off to an Italian soap opera, and awakes to Camilla standing over her. Camilla points to the bed,
    "You know there's a bed right there, you don't have to lie on the hardwood floor." Adriannea stands up, and sits on the bed. She discovers that it's many times more comfortable than the floor, even more comfortable than her small cubby in the porous boulder. She crawls under the other blankets, forgetting Camilla, and curls up in a ball. If she could spend the rest of her life as a human lying in a bed, she would die happy. "I think you are one of the strangest people I have ever met," Camilla says, and sits down on the bed. "Are you alright?" Adriannea lingers for a moment longer in the all encompassing heat, and then pushes back the covers. "I just finished my shift, do you want to go for a walk through the orchard?" Adriannea is ready to shake her head in decline, but Camilla continues, "We could snack on the grapes and the fresh strawberries, it would be so nice." Adriannea stands up, and heads towards the door. She would greatly enjoy more strawberries.

The End

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