The transformation

    Adriannea pulls herself against the gritting sand, thankful for the guise of the shadowy night. The water is just deep enough now for her to be able to take breaths, but also shallow enough to make sure she doesn’t drift out into the sea in her slumber. She knows about the workings of a human. A man can drown in ten minutes or less. All it takes is a lung full of water to eradicate most life that live beyond the ocean. She strokes her glistening scales, will this be the last time she ever lays eyes upon them?

    Sleep overcomes her easily enough, and the transformation begins. Her legs split apart, the scales sloughing away as her skin becomes a beautiful ivory colour. Her insides burn as her insides transform, but she is asleep, and feels nothing. A uterus shapes itself inside of her, and at the same time lungs balloon as her gills fold away, leaving her neck even and almost flawless. The scar remains, a reminder of the means to which the spell transpired. Her breasts engorge with the presence of hormones, which settle themselves into every corner of her being. Her cartilage weakens, and as the soft ebb and flow of gentle waves graze her over the coarse sand, her skin softens and begins to reach. By the time it is morning, her side is covered in scrapes. Luckily the tide departs from the beach, and when her gills close up fully, she involuntarily begins to breathe.

    She awakes to world of senses she has never known before. The grit of the sand which had collected on the side of her face during the night itches her and she struggles to brush it away. She then notices the cuts along her side. She touches them, blood transferring to her finger tips. There is pain, and a soreness that bewilders her. Then her attention is turned to her legs. It takes some time before she is able to have any control over them. The muscles that she had to use before are no longer existent, and she has to learn all over again, how to move forward. She finds moving awkward, but manages to crawl a few feet. Then she sits down, another concept entirely unknown to her until this very moment. She notices how the sun no longer feels hard and penetrating, but light and warm. Or how it no longer pierces through her eyelids. She looks down, and wonders at her breasts. They feel soft, pliable, and respond to touch in a way that makes her feel… A feeling which she has never felt before. She feels this way again, when she discovers the small patch of hair between her legs. A simple touch makes her entire body tense up. How could such a tender place exist on such an important area of the body? She slowly crawls towards a rock, and uses it to help her stand. Her legs shake, and for the first time in her life, she feels weakness. Her mouth is dry, and salty. Her hair is tangled, and her skin is sticky with the drying salt water. She cannot help but smile;  it worked.

    From the castle, a chambermaid named Camilla sees Adriannea walking slowly along the beach, and rushes out to receive her. When she gets close to Adriannea, Adriannea sees her, and falls over. Camilla helps Adriannea back up again and places a towel around her nakedness.
    “Are you a guest at the Masseria Baglio del Marchese?” Luckily, Adriannea understands all human forms of tongue. She nods her head, hoping that yes is the right answer. “Then why are you naked?” The maid regrets saying this, knowing all too well the manners in which the local men liked to conduct certain businesses. Adriannea motions towards her throat, where the faint scar still resides. She opens her mouth, letting out no sound.  “Oh, I see. You can’t speak! Never mind my questions, I am so sorry I didn’t notice. Lets get you all cleaned up and feeling like a beautiful woman again.”

The End

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