Meetings in Murky Water

Under murky blackness, Wakanda feels the ocean depths change their perspective. She feels an intelligent presence, not too different than a sea maiden... It has been a long time since she has feasted on a maiden.

She sets off at a blinding speed, discarding her insignificant bag of bottom feeding features. Her stomach growls for heavy meat. She arrives at the stone under which Adriannea sleeps soundly. Wakanda is careful, she knows what sounds a maiden makes when it feels as though it is in danger. She stops momentarily in her hungering advance. What was a maiden doing this far out of the warm-water bounds? She inches forward again, her dagger nails ready to tear through flesh, her strange, calloused tongue sweeping over what little teeth she has left.

In a flurry of acrimony and esurience she lunges at Adriannea, which startles her out of her slumber. Adriannea only has to watch as Wakanda tries to tear at her flesh. The razor sharp weapons which Wakanda has honed over centuries of use are no match for Adriannea's immortal brawn. She cries out in a furious war cry that a person might hear from the coast as a slight ringing in their ears. Adriannea shudders at the sound, and then tries to catch sight of her attacker. She sees the sembalance of a human corpse, decaying with the slow rot of the deep water pressure and salts. The eyes, barely kept from bulging out by the strange esoteric magic of voodo, and the nose, a disquieting cavity. Adriannea reaches out and catches hold of her attacker, she can barely stomach holding the writhing messy of slippy decay.
    “What are you?” She demands.
    “What are you?” The grotesque creature says, mimicking her dictation. “I am a great sorcerer.” Adriannea can tell that this creature has not spoken in centuries. It’s words sound like English but twisted and organic, an accent that she cannot recognize.
    “And I am a Queen,” Adriannea says, loosening her grasp on the creature. “If these waters belong to you, I apologize.”
    “They do not. The waters’ king once came to me, he tried to mate with me, so that I could bear him a son!” Wakanda struggles within Adriannea’s grasp, until she calms down. “I have children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I will him bear nothing.” Wakanda twists free from Adriannea, who no longer fears her strength.
 “But in you, I see burden.”
    “I have been exiled,” Adriannea shares. “Because I committed the greatest of all sins, I was seen.”
    “And now you seek?” Wakanda starts swimming to her lair, beckoning Adriannea to follow her.
    “I don’t know.”
    When they reach Wakanda’s warren, Wakanda has already formulated a plan. A page of the spell book stands clearly in her minds’ eye. ‘To reverse the spell, speak your name in the speak of a human.’ Adriannea follows Wakanda into a deep and dark cave. It winds until reaching a pocket of warmer water, where Wakanda stops, and rummages through a pile of debris.
    “You can speak, like a human does?”
    “Yes, I can,” Adriannea says, in tangible English, which is muffled by the depth and heaviness of the water.
    “Let me have that voice,” Wakanda says, “You have no use for it, grant it to me.”
    “I may not, but I will not give it to you freely.”
    “Anything you desire, I will give to you.” Adriannea instantly identifies what she desires. She would give anything to be with the man who saw her. Anything.
    “Can you create a spell which will transform me into a human being?”

The End

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