The Greatest of All Sins

The group that gathers for the meeting are an array of undersea beings, more than Adriannea has ever laid eyes on. There were maidens, and mermen.  The northern clan of Wright whales, with numerous other whales of each species. She spots a few Sirens, but know exactly why they have gathered. A collection of mer-speaking fish with complex intellects. Her six sisters, and her father. And Oceao.

It had been long hours since she had conversed with Oceao, and when she had, she was very small indeed. Oceao had been frail when she last saw him, and now, he seems to hunch over in the water. His tail is covered in numerous scars, and the fin looks as if it were made of gossamer. His trident, once a glimmering piece of a Plesiosaurs' bone, is now deformed, and covered in green sea moss and crustaceans. He swims slowly, circling the old throne in the throne room where meeting was decided to be held. A shark swims its' own circles around Adriannea, to make sure she doesn't swim too far. She bares her sharp teeth at it, and it pretends to ignore her.

"What is the meaning of this?" She demands, again. She looks to her sisters, and none can make eye contact with her. Oceao takes his place on the throne, and Ioce stands beside him. They look to their spawn gravely.

"Welcome, everyone," Oceao proclaims to the crowd, who float in a sphere around Adriannea. "It is in my deepest regrets that I call you all here. To the mammals, and to the fish, you may not fully understand the extent of our mer-rules, but keep in mind that our rules are much different than yours, as you hear the verdict." Oceao looks out at everyone, and then looks upon Adriannea. "There is one rule, involving mankind, which we must follow. As the ruler of the Adriannea Sea, you should know these rules, more than others. But it seems that you do not.

"We have one rule, to not be seen by mankind. To be seen is to commit the greatest sin of all, and Adriannea, it seems as though you willingly commit this crime. I have been called forth from a deep slumber, to rule the verdict on this delicate case, and I have come to one conclusion. Exile." A gasp echoes through the great mer-hall, which is a mere stone with a large containment in the middle, with space for a group to convene. Ioce hangs his head low, refusing to meet anyones' glare. Adriannea's sisters begin to shout, which turns into sobs.

"She didn't know!"

"It is not for sure she was seen,"

"A mistake,"

"Surely there is a different punishment!"

"Enough! I have thought long and hard upon this verdict. I know you, Adriannea, I know of your desires to wander among the humans, and I will not have it. Your kingdom is forthright removed from your rule, and you are to leave these waters immediately. Maybe Pacific waters will welcome your arrival. But no longer will you reside here." The shark circling Adriannea stops, and Adriannea looks around at the crowd.

"I will not leave!" she shouts, bubbles forming with her words. "I won't. Father, please,"

"You will, under penalty of death," Oceao says, and points his staff at Adriannea. She knows too well what his trident is capable of, and takes one last look at her family, before swimming swiftly away.

The End

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