A Color That Can Only Be Descibed As Being Stolen From the Sky

He isn't the most handsome man, nor the most tall or burly. His long hair falls around his shoulders' in exaggerated curls, contrary to the latest fashion of pin straight hair. His eyes are keen, and wide, a shade of blue Adriannea can only describe as being stolen from the sky. What captures her, is his smile. Something which she has not seen, let alone have felt, since before she had come of age to rule. Since childhood, thousands of years ago.

A group of others' fall around him, as he speaks. To her, his voice sounds more beautiful than any song her sisters have ever shared. Time passes, one by one the men leave the spiraling fire, as it slowly dwindles into the sand. But he stays behind, tending to the embers with a piece of driftwood, engaged with the greens and blues of the fire. Adriannea can hear her sisters singing to her, calling her back, their distress is obvious. They have seen before the effect that things from above have on their youngest, and most foolish sister. Caspellia gathers enough courage to swim close enough to her sister to speak; "I know what your heart desires,"

"I don't know what you speak of,"

"I speak of desires, airy, earthly desires. We have all desired such things before, I more than once. But you are immortal, your heart beats on beyond all other things. Even these humans, and their castles. The night comes to a close, and daylight creeps upon us like sea moss, have you not noticed? It is far beyond time to leave." Adriannea looks beyond her sister to see the orange creep of sunlight arriving over the horizon.

"If I am immortal I have no reason to leave. Go ahead, I will not be far behind." Caspellia wavers for a moment, blinking her glassy eyes against the mist of the morning.

"If you stay, we will inform Ioce..." Adriannea hears this, and laughs.

"Now I know you pretend. You wouldn't dare do such a thing. I will see you all in a short time. Now go, quickly, if you fear the daylight so." Caspellia admits defeat, and swims quickly away.

Adriannea takes another breath, and returns to watching her earthbound beauty. He sits watching the dying fire for a few more minutes in silence, before standing up, and wandering to the waters' edge. He removes coverings that engulf his feet, what were those called? 'Shews' Adriannea mouths to herself a bit sternly, as if she has almost forgotten their name. He wanders through the water, until his waist is submerged. He removes a purple covered garment from his torso, and throws it at the beach. Then he submerges himself underwater, not more than a few metres away from where Adriannea sits. He surfaces moments later, eyes closed against the stinging salt, and sighs. He wades through the water, leaping with each wave that comes to hinder him. Adriennea hears the laughter of the waves, and watches them engorge themselves ever so slightly, and roll more rapidly. It takes her a moment to realize that her waves and the daring young man are eager to play with one another.

She becomes carried away with their joy, and laughs with the water, realizing too late just how loudly she allowed herself to agree in merriment. She clasps her hands around her mouth, but it is too late. He stands in the water, and looks around, for he has never heard such a beautiful sound before. In the morning light, his eyes are adjusted enough to see a figure disappear into the water, and a glimpse of golden hair resting on the waters' surface. He rushes to the stone where Adriannea had been resting, but too late. She swims strong against the currents, into deeper water, and re-emerges to see him looking around in bewilderment. He wanders through the water for a few minutes more, before hurrying back to the sand. He splashes some water onto the hot coals, and then stands at the waters' edge, peering into the mist, trying to make out a figure. His eyes fixate precisely on hers', and for a moment, he is sure he see's something out in the water. But she disappears under the veil of the ocean, and waits until he starts walking away.

When she is sure he is out of ears reach, she sings to him;

"Beauty from the sky,

how have you come to

capture mankinds' eye?

nereids can hear you,

in a perfect way

which cannot be described.

I await the day...

I await the day..."

He continues to walk, but hears her silvery voice clearly as he disappears from Adriannea's keen sight. He vows to return to the water, just on the chance that he might hear such a voice again...

The End

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