The Rising

Adriannea has always marveled at just how tepid the water nearest the surface may feel, and she does this now, waiting for the arrival of her slower swimming sisters. She is one of seven, and although she was less aware of it than her other sisters, she is favored strongly by their father.

Aeons ago their fore-father, King of all things water on the planet earth, with names such as Poseidon, Neptune, Vani, and Sobek was named ruler, not under such names as ones that came to describe him later, but under the name Oceao, which humans have come to forget over the years. He bore five sons, which divided themselves among the five areas of the wide ocean, which at the time was still one large body, undivided by continents. They watched the world age until Pangea was torn apart, and then four of them drifted into the unknown. Some have said that they left their bodies to become the ocean itself, others' have said that they simply died, having lived longer than many gods may have. For reasons unknown, the last, and strongest brother lived on. His name was Ioce, (pronounced Eye-oh-shea) which was once the name of the Indian Ocean, also long forgotten by any one with the capacity to know it. He became ruler of the entire of the salted waters, just as his father had done, and possibly (since not even Ioce himself does not know) as his grandfather, or great grand had done so.

An in his kingdom, and in his solitude he came upon seven beautiful beaches, where his waters arrived fleetingly with hard beats upon the white-shell sand. Time was changing, the planets' plates were separating from each other, the ocean grew warmer, and harder to govern. From the foam made from the furious waters, he created seven beautiful daughters to manage separate areas of ocean, seas as they are now called. Their true names have been forgotten by most with the changing of stone to ink to electricity, now called Adriatic, Aegean, Arabic, Caspian, Black, Red, and Mediterranean, there names were once thus:

Aegeah, strong in will, and dedicated to overseeing the contentedness of all creatures of her territory.  Arabiel, fair and more beautiful than the other sisters, she finds time in dedicating herself to things of beauty, meandering to her other sisters' reign and bringing with her beautiful ocean flowers, and sea tinctures. Adriannea, the youngest of the sisters, with a fondness for what lies above the surface. She shares her boundaries with her father, and often spends no time at all ruling her kingdom. Caspellia is a fiery soul, who sometimes forgets the mortality of men, playing with them in their weak wooden boats.  Blake is not often met with her other sisters, due to the location of her area, but finds pleasure in mixing her scales with the fresh waters of the mountains. Reed and Meda enjoy sharing responsibilities, and are usually found together in one sea or the other. 

They meet often, for the can do so easily. Their supernatural tendencies mixed with their strong spirits made for fast swimming through the water. Much faster than other, more earthly sea maidens. Which they do now, in their quest to spy upon men in a castle bricked in close regard to the sea, which lies just off of modern-day Italy.

The End

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