Little things adding up

Sometimes, it isn't just people that want to be noticed.

It started with little things.

Things that I am sure that most people completely missed, or ignored, or chalked up to coincidences. A flicker in the sunrise at the exact moment that two new lovers looked into each others eyes for the first time. The wind blowing a sudden cool breeze on the hottest day of the year, just as the elderly man thought he might actually succumb to the heat. A shooting star as a child looked to the sky for the first time and wondered if there was anything out there.

Little things. Coincidences.

But, as I started looking closer and closer at these things I realized there was more going on than any of us could have guessed before. There were patterns and chains of events that I couldn't believe we had been missing for so many thousands of years. We were so wrapped up in our day-to-day banalities to notice that there was a message being screamed right into our faces.

Once I could see it, it was impossible to ignore. It was like the temper tantrum of a small child when it's mother wasn't paying the right kind of attention. Everywhere I looked I could see the attempts at being noticed. The attempts to make some kind of connection. Meaningful or not, there was a desperate need to be noticed.

And not the momentary thoughts that disappeared as soon as we thought them, those little inklings in the back of your mind that you can never quite put a finger on. Like the shadows that played across the snow in the winter as the moon shone down on the tree branches. You think you see something and then it's gone and you move on, forgetting it happened.

The End

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