A Talk

Sebastian jumped, his incisors lengthening and his hands curling into claws as he scrambled to place himself in front of Anne. He could feel his charge's anxiety spiking through the air, crackling and unstable.

Sadie took Sebastian's protectiveness and odd transformations of his teeth in stride, to her credit. Pushing off the doorframe, she walked a cautious step closer. 

"I don't want to hurt you, I promise. I have no idea why you're here, though. What do you remember?"

Anne carefully stuck her head out from behind Sebastian, voice hesitant even though the stranger had shown herself to not be hostile. "All I can really recall is a bright flash, and pain. Feeling like I was being dissected, and shot through somewhere really cold and hot at the same time. Everything before that is just snippets. Sometimes blurred images or a tiny clip of audio."

The End

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