Greetings from Concordia House

"Hmm..." the girl yawned. "Sebastian? Whe're we?" She reached a hand up to rub at her eyes, the heel of her palm digging into them as she tried to erase the last strands of sleep.  Her eyes had slitted pupils, almost like a cat's. They were also... green.

A crisp green and an ice blue.

Sitting up, she found herself on a couch in what appeared to be a living room. Barefoot. 

"Jesus!" She exclaimed, her face twisting with horror as her no-longer-booted feet touched the carpet. Her governess would have had a fit. 

On the floor, a groan echoed through the room. "Anne?"

Rushing over, she kneeled beside Sebastian, watching as his warm brown eyes opened blearily. "Anne? Are you okay?" He sat up quickly - too quickly, and had to lie back down, dizziness flooding his head.

"Yeah, I'm totally fine, don't worry. But where are we?" She ignored her pounding headache - courtesy of her hangover - and gazed around the room.

"Welcome to Concordia House." A voice came from the doorway.

The End

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