Meet the Daughter and the Godvich

"Sadie!" Buchanan stumbled as she ran out on the grass, towards the pair curled up in the middle of a ring of scorch marks.

The other young woman came out of the garage, wiping her oily hands with a rag. Seeing the three people out in the yard, she dropped it and sprinted, falling to her knees in front of the two on the ground.

"Hey!" Sadie rolled them onto their backs, the girl and the boy.

The boy had high cheekbones, a defined jawline. His ginger-darkbrown hair was cropped short except in the front, where it hung over his forehead a little. Wisps of it curled in his ears. He was clothed in ill-fitting clothes - loose white pants and a long button-up shirt that reached to his knees. His feet were bare.

The girl had long blonde hair, long enough to touch her ribcage. Her eyebrows were thin brown lines, almost harsh looking. Overall, her face was pretty normal. Just... normal. It still had some of its baby-like roundness. She held a sort of authority, though. The girl was wearing... a gown. Like, an evening gown.

It looked almost like she was wearing a corset, the way the middle was styled. Short sleeves, but a long skirt, pale blue in color. White boots with heels graced her feet, white laces tying the oddly elegant shoes. Fingerless black lace gloves were on her hands.

She looked like royalty. Especially with the tiara nestled in her blonde locks.

These two were certainly a strange pair.

Getting over the initial anxiety after Buchanan had felt for their pulses with her non-metal hand, Sadie enlisted Buchanan to help lug the two inside.

After all, they hadn't traveled here by car.

Calling the police wouldn't be much help.

The End

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