Next Stop: Earth

"Okay, Alezaj, how're we doin'?" The voice echoed with authority, the tone a bit heavy for the careless words.

"Good, Captain." Alezaj responded, "We're at about 45 ST-speed." 

"Okay, let's kick it up. How about 20 klecks?" 

The entire Bridge snapped to attention, voices murmuring and fingers skidding over controls, getting ready to adjust to 65 ST-speed. The captain relaxed, walking around to check on the various crewmembers.

"Ma'am!" A panting man dressed in white scrubs burst through the automatic, circular doorway leading to the Bridge.

"What is it, Dankos?" The woman paused from her observations and advanced on the panting man. 

"I- oh god, I don't know what they did. It's Sebastian Delvros and Anne Fenton!" He practically yelled, hands fisting in his dark hair as he straightened up. "Those two, I swear. Why does he insist on hanging around that Terran? For a Godvich, he's more trouble than he's worth."

"Watch yourself!" The captain admonished firmly. "Species is of no matter on this ship. If the Daughter of London wants the company of a dormant Godvich, then his company she shall receive. What's the issue?"

"They're both wasted. Too much hard liquor. Broke into the Father of Bourbon's own personal supply. They're acting like idiots, stumbling around and giggling." He seemed to repress a sigh of annoyance.

"And you left them alone? In the Hos? With medical equipment and certain on-ship transporters?" She sounded aghast.

"Yeah, but the only thing strong enough to get them off this spacecraft is an old Neuron-style thing. It's practically ancient, and finicky at that. No need to worry, though. It's broken. Has been for a long while now." The man seemed quick to dismiss the thought of using it.

"Dankos. The Daughter of London took Neuron-style lifeform-transmitters apart and fixed them for fun. Are you forgetting that?!" The captain appeared to be panicking, and, dragging the man in scrubs along with her, rushed off the Bridge.

------ ------- ---------- -------- ------- ----------

Giggling, Anne fitted the last piece in. Next to her, Sebastian looked equally drunk, and was lying on the floor, facing up to the sterile white ceiling.

"Y'know, we should go somewhere!" He slurred.

This provoked a fit of laughter from both of them, and they let their shoulders quiver with mirth for a moment before Anne surveyed her handiwork with an intoxicated gaze and Sebastian lazily reached over, pressing his thumb to the big red button that Anne had incorporated into the design as a joke. 

"Oooohh, reddddd..." They both stared, their pupils dilated and judgement impaired, as gold shimmered around them, a thin veil of it descending upon them, blanketing them.

And then it started ripping their atoms apart.

A scream echoed in unision.

The End

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