To be Honest...(the first month)

AD High school has its Angels, Lisa and it has its Demons, Michael. Lisa is still in shock after the first month of school. Besides the fact that she's been bombarded with work, loathes her art teacher and hates the PE classes, she was invited to a dance by Michael. Oh he's so hot and handsome but there is something about him, something that makes her a bit uneasy. But she can't decide what it is. Maybe because she is so blind with love?

She saw him talking to a very leggy blonde girl a week ago and the whole thing upset her a bit. Their body language said "there is something going on here!" and yet he tells her that they have been friends (and friends only) for many years.

In maths class - more confusion. The nerd, with his wild black hair, Thomas, stares at her legs all the time! Maybe I'm in the wrong school, she thinks to herself. Maybe I don't belong here, it feels so crazy!

The End

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