My proposal was completely innocent, I swear. Even if it hadn't been, I was physically incapable of doing anything requiring more motion than standing. I already could barely walk, I didn't need another reason to be immobile. I dragged myself up the stairs, regretting the hours of pedaling and swimming and told him I was going to take a bath before I went to bed to clean off the lake water. He said he'd check the animals one more time and shower after me.

          I made the water super hot, hoping to relax my muscles into not being knotted tomorrow. I didn't consider the light amount of damage from the sun creeping through my sunblock protection. I hissed as I slipped slowly into the water, cringing a little and considering adding some cold to it, but I could take it! About thirty minutes in I heard the pipes grumble again as he started his shower. I washed up and popped out 15 minutes later, throwing my towel around me and walking into my bedroom.

          He was already sitting up on one side of the bed, a book open, and looked up when I entered.  "What happened?" he said, surprised. "You're as red as a lobster!"

          "It's not a sunburn, I just made the water really hot so I won't be sore tomorrow." I shuffled over to the dresser and pulled out a short thin satin nightdress. It was really cute, but wasn't immodest enough to be considered lingerie. Just because my request for company was innocent didn't mean I couldn't mess with his brain a bit. I'm a mean person.

          I pulled it down over my towel, staying covered the whole time, then dropped the towel and shuffled back to the bathroom to pull my underpants up.

          "What are you reading?" I asked as I slipped under the blanket, propped myself up with pillows and reached for my own book. 

          "Um," he said. Guess he'd been distracted. "I am reading The Picture of Dorian Gray."

          "Oh, I love that one," I said, flipping through my own novel to find my place. "I'm reading The Silmarillion."

          He smiled. "That's a good book, too. Am I on the right side of the bed? I wasn't sure where you sleep."

          "I sleep in the middle, of course, I'm the only one usually in it! But I will stay on the left tonight."

          We read for about thirty minutes and then turned off the lights. I rolled over, passing out from the stupor reading had put me in almost immediately. My bed had never felt so comfortable, and I always slept better when it was pitch black and I had company.

          It was almost 2am when I woke up, my mouth feeling like paper, and sat up, trying not to make too much noise. I edged my way to the bathroom and flipped the light on, poking my head out to make sure he wasn't hit in the face with it. I ran the sink and just stuck my face by the stream, drinking until my stomach was so water logged you could hear it slosh when I moved.

          I paused before turning off the light and getting back in bed. He looked so peaceful and nice, nothing like the humorless grump that usually trudged around, all business. I smiled and flipped the switch, closed the door, and snuck back under the blankets. He mumbled something about underwear and rolled over, his arms finding me and pulling me closer. He continued to mumble nonsense for a few more minutes while I struggled to interpret him. I only caught a few words- cave, guy, victory, beak, knee. Nothing telling, unfortunately. I struggled a bit, trying to free myself from him, but he just tightened his embrace and I gave up, falling asleep with a lanky person all tangled up in my business (seriously, how did limbs that long not get tangled in everything all the time? I could barely keep track of my own kid size feet.)

          The stupid rooster woke us up as the sun cracked over the horizon as usual. He became fully conscious first, because I felt him trying to unwind himself from me. I was still a little out of it and whined, trying to pull him back- where did he think he was going with all that warmth? He acquiesced and I got five more minutes of hot action (in the form of snoozing and trying not to drool on his chest while he laid there, stiff as a board.)

          "Genevieve, come on, we need to get up," he said gently, rolling me off of him. "Kai and Mav are ready for breakfast and so is everyone else."

          "Can't we sleep in just this once?" I asked, peering at him.

           "Maybe. What happened to staying on your side of the bed?"

          I yawned. "It ended when I got up for water, came back, and got groped into submission by you."

The End

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