Something has happened to all of mankind, and now there are only a few left. Genevieve Jettson, alone and growing paranoid, plans to leave town when someone stops her. Together, she and Everett Wulf strive to make a life together amid destruction, picking up stragglers along the way of their journey to ultimately discover the fate of their species.

          I use the first page for notes, feel free to use this page to spoil character development for yourself :P

Spoilers may happen in 3...




Genevieve Jettson- leading lady; don't knock her surname- Jett would've been my maiden name if my father had bothered to claim me, so here lies an undeserving homage. Also my great grandmother was Genevieve or some variation of.

Everett Wulf- main man; based loosely on an old stand partner I barely knew but who had too much talent and too little people skills

Baxter Park- support character physically based on South Korean actor Lee Min Ho

Phineas Cooper- support character loosely based on the little I could gather of my favorite character from A Separate Peace, and yes, his butt is just as nice, though less described in my version of the character XD

Alejandra "Alex" Unamuno- support character that is an homage to an old grade school friend and his sister

Katherine Reeves- I may or may not have a thing for Keanu Reeves and I may or may not have transformed him into an old matron for the sake of diversity. Also I love Captain Janeway. You go girl! Fight the borg!

Olivia Adams- homage to my sister's miscarried son or daughter she wouldve named Olivia or Oliver

Bernard Swanson- I just like the name Bernard from the head elf in the santa claus movie with Tim Allen and I wanted a counter for Katherine

The End

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